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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


In California, residents of San Diego County's Deerhorn Valley complained about large trucks blocking their only exit route in case of a wildfire (1); but like CAL FIRE in neighboring California, Nevada Division of Forestry is considering turning wildfire fighting responsibility over to local governments as the state faces a budget shortfall (2). Arizona's Senate Natural Resources and Transportation Committee proposed a bill which would allow cities to ban the sale of fireworks in order to reduce the danger of wildfires throughout the state (3); while Pennsylvania has distributed Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act grant money to 172 fire departments to help with forest firefighting (4). Florida Division of Forestry is burning 450 acres of the Picayune Strand State Forest in Collier County today (5). Heading to Canada, a member of British Columbia's Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association wants an inquiry into government compensation for ranchers who suffered losses from wildfires in that province last year (6); and representatives of 37 nations helped plant trees in Israel's wildfire-stricken Carmel Forest (7). In the African nation of Kenya, locals helped firefighters battle a blaze in Aberdare National Park (8). The Australian federal government will be using lessons learned from Black Saturday and other natural disasters to better spend relief funds on future disasters (9); something which was touched upon by the Prime Minister as she commemorated the second anniversary of Black Saturday (10); even as a new homeowners guide for bushfire-proofing homes was unveiled in Victoria (11). Homeowners forced to flee oncoming bushfires outside of Perth, Western Australia, griped about the fact that Fire and Emergency Services Authority didn't issue warnings soon enough (12); but authorities have agreed to let homeowners return to their homes as bushfires abated (13); and Department of Environment and Conservation firefighters finally contained a huge bushfire burning in Lesueur National Park (14). South Australia's Country Fire Service battled several blazes yesterday, some of which were apparently caused by arsonists who were apprehended shortly thereafter (15); while a bushfire blazed across 100 hectares on Kangaroo Island as well (16). And finally, better hurry because you've only got until February 17th to get those recommendations for Smokey Bear Awards in!

(1) Truck stalls life in the backcountry

(2) Mountain residents fear fire station loss

(3) Lawmaker proposes bill allowing cities to ban sale of legal fireworks

(4) Carbon fire companies receive grants to battle forest fires

(5) Florida Division of Forestry plans 450-acre prescribed burn today in Picayune Strand State Forest

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(7) European Friends of Israel Visit Carmel Forest

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(9) Bushfire and cyclone experience will help guide flood recovery spending

(10) Read the full text of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's condolence speech

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(14) Firefighters contain large MidWest bushfire

(15) Barossa Valley bushfire now contained

(16) Bushfire tears through Kangaroo Island

(17) Smokey Bear Awards nomination deadline nears

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