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Friday, December 24, 2010


The Bureau of Land Management is recruiting seasonal firefighters in Northern California in preparation for the summer wildfire season (1); but litigation is flying in all directions over the Carson Helicopters crash which occurred in 2008 in that area (2). The next article takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Texas Forest Service (3); which is on high alert across the state due to the wildfire danger (4). The Florida Division of Forestry is once again reminding homeowners of the wildfire danger caused by recent freezes (5); something emphasized by a 1-acre wildfire burning on Florida's Brevard/Orange County line in inaccessible terrain that was being allowed to burn by firefighters (6); and by 18 wildfires that are still burning in Alachua County, one of which is approaching the 3,000-acre mark (7). Russia's president reflected on lessons learned from this summer's wildfires (8). Israel's government has kicked a few more million into the fund intended to bolster their aerial firefighting capabilities (9); even as troops were sent to help restore areas burned in the recent wildfires outside of Haifa (10). A small wildfire was reported on the border between Georgia and Dagestan in Central Asia (11); and firefighters on New Zealand's South Island are still battling over a dozen blazes (12). Firefighters are crediting recent controlled burns outside of Perth, Western Australia, with saving communities in five recent bushfires (13). And finally, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

(1) Applications available to fight summer wildfires

(2) Co-pilot in 2008 firefighting helicopter crash disagrees with NTSB

(3) Behind the Scenes of The Texas Forest Service 12/23/10

(4) Forest Services prepared for wildfires

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(10) IDF’s Nachal Brigade Helps Restore the Carmel Forest after the Fires

(11) Forest catches fire on Georgia’s border with Dagestan

(12) No Christmas break for Sth Island fire crews

(13) W A government burns bushland to protect communities

(14) Merry Christmas!

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