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Thursday, October 14, 2010


The dialogue between the Martin Mars and US Forest Service leadership battling the Station Fire in the critical first hours of that blaze offers a sobering glimpse at how the disaster could have been averted, but wasn't (1); while an Op-Ed piece from Fire Chief Magazine chastises penny-pinchers for blaming fire agencies in Southern California (particularly San Diego County) when wildfires get away from them due to cost-cutting considerations (2). Firefighters battled a small blaze near Santa Cruz, California, Tuesday night (3). A delegation of land managers and scientists from Mexico was given a tour of New Mexico's Gila National Forest as part of a climate change study tour (4); but Santa Fe National Forest is having two wildfires - one planned, one that was not (5). Although the fire season is not yet over, fire agencies in Montana are remarking about how slow it has been this year (6); and as the wildfire situation in Arkansas remains grim, the next article looks at what was evidently an arson fire (7). Central Alabama is under a wildfire alert today (8); while the Tennessee Division of Forestry is imposing burn restrictions throughout the state beginning October 15 as forest fire season begins (9). A series of controlled burns in Massachusetts' Myles Standish State Forest have been announced (10); and a wildfire burning at Fort Benning, Georgia, will be allowed to burn itself out due to the inaccessibility of the firing range where it ignited (11). Wildfires were reported in the African nation of Namibia in the Otjombinde Constituency of the Omaheke Region (12). There is some concern among Opposition politicians in Victoria, Australia, about Country Fire Authority's designation of a "Bushfire Safer Precinct" causing some confusion during an emergency (13); and the United Firefighters Union is citing a report that it will take at least two years before Country Fire Authority closes several gaps in backcountry communications to urge more speed in implementing the Royal Bushfire Commission's recommendations (14). The Victorian Building Commission and Country Fire Authority are teaming up to provide a guide which contains some low-cost tips on how better to protect one's home as bushfire season begins (15); while, with an estimated $1 billion allocated to implement many of the Royal Bushfire Commission's recommendations in Victoria, a former police commissioner will be overseeing the program (16). A new website to help people suffering from the trauma of natural disasters has been unveiled by the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing in Sydney, New South Wales (17). As bushfire season gets underway, farmers on South Australia's Kangaroo Island have been issued a helpful booklet entitled: "Farming Guidelines for the Reduction of Bushfire Risk" (18); and although that state has adopted many of the recommendations from the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings, resettlement of homeowners, such as those in the Adelaide Hills region, will not be one of them (19). Firefighters in Western Australia are gearing up for what they fear could be a very bad bushfire season due to soil dryness (20). And finally, firefighters in Sun City, Arizona, will be getting up close and personal with some slinky, striking individuals!

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