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Friday, January 20, 2012


A wind-driven wildfire near Reno, Nevada, scorched 3,900 acres, destroying 26 homes, and forcing the evacuation of 2,000 people (1); but firefighters from California who headed over to Nevada to help were turned away (2); and the wildfire forced Vice President Biden to cut his speech short (3); while PETA offered useful tips for safeguarding animals impacted by the wildfires (4). As firefighters braced for wildfires in the southwestern part of the state, Oklahoma Forestry Services reflected on the 1,745 wildfires it responded to in 2011 (5); the next story discussing how the American Red Cross helped people in that state cope with wildfires in 2011 (6). A photo spread of 40 pictures chronicles the devastation wrought by the Texas wildfires in 2011 (7); where, in addition to money from FEMA, people are also receiving $31 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help with rebuilding (8). Firefighters plan to burn 35,000 acres in Florida's John M. Bethea State Forest and Osceola National Forest (9); but smoke from a wildfire in Lake County forced closure of State Road 46 (10); while a black bear injured in the blaze has gone into hibernation, which will help heal his burned feet (11). After a spate of forest fires escalating tensions between the government of Chile and the indigenous Mapuche Indians, the tug-of-war between indigenous rights and corporate greed was forced into the spotlight (12); but in Indonesia, scientists discovered that Miller's Grizzled Langur, a species of monkey which was thought to be extinct after its habitat had been devastated by wildfires, has simply moved to a new location (13). Australian power utility SP AusNet has decided not to invoke a power shutdown safeguard requested by Victoria's Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce (14); while Tasmania Fire Service contained a bushfire that threatened homes near Evandale (15). And finally, we have a mystery on our hands: did a 3,500-year-old cypress tree in Florida spontaneously combust?

(1) 26 homes lost in Reno fire and 2,000 evacuated

(2) Local firefighting team headed for Nevada wildfire turning around

(3) Reno wildfire forces Vice President Joe Biden to cut short appearance

(4) PETA offers urgent information for safeguarding animals during wildfire

(5) Oklahoma Forestry Services battled 1,745 fires in 2011

(6) American Red Cross responded to more than 150 wildfires

(7) Texas wildfires

(8) Texas gets more than $31M HUD grant for wildfires recovery, bulk of money for Bastrop County

(9) Wildfires pose threat this season

(10) Smoke from Lake County wildfires causes accidents

(11) Bear injured in wildfire recovering

(12) Forest fires in Chile stoke tensions over indigenous land rights

(13) Monkey long believed extinct found in Indonesia

(14) Change of power on bushfire-alert days

(15) Evandale bushfire contained

(16) Did the oldest tree east of the Mississippi spontaneously combust?

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