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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In the news today, Ventura is taking advantage of winter weather to conduct prescribed fires in Simi Valley and near Ojai mid-week, followed by an interesting article that gives some details on how forest products can be useful in Burned Area Emergency Recovery (BAER) operations. Florida is bracing for wildfires in the Everglades, and a firefighter has been convicted of being an arsonist in Idaho. As parts of Texas brace for more wildfires, an oil firm in Lubbock has settled out of court for a wildfire attributed to equipment on their property in 2006. A small forest fire in India was quickly brought under control, and firefighters in Indonesia are hopeful that they can get a dozen fires there under control before dry conditions return. In Chile, forestry engineers are concerned about soil erosion after several wildfires there burned thousands of acres. As was shown in a study done in San Diego after the 2007 wildfires, health professionals in New South Wales, Australia, are warning people with respiratory problems that it's best to stay indoors when bushfire smoke is in the air. This advice should probably be passed along to residents of Australia's capital, Canberra, as bushfire smoke fills the air in that region, the following article highlighting the bushfire that is causing all the smoke. Firefighters on the island of Tasmania are confident they have roped in a bushfire that has burned thousands of acres. Nervous fire authorities in Victoria state are again warning residents about the threat of bushfires as they recall a devastating wildfire in that region in 1983. And finally, an update on the bizarre story of the firefighter who stole a man's foot from an accident scene in Florida.

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