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Monday, May 11, 2009


In an ironic twist, the wildfire that devastated so many homes in Santa Barbara, California, was apparently sparked by someone clearing vegetation with a power tool; and even though many are declaring victory over the Jesusita Fire, firefighters are racing against time to put it to bed before nightfall and the possible return of the Sundowners. An irate resident of Santa Maria comments on what is being seen as political incompetence in preventing wildfires. Rural California homeowners are paying attention to what just happened in Santa Barbara, as the next article shows; and some useful maps from CAL FIRE that highlight the fire danger in particular parts of California are provided via the next article. As the Redding Record-Searchlight continues its series on wildfires, the role of salvage-logging and replanting areas is examined; while some control fires will be set in Vallejo, California, to reduce fuel loads there. Sony, knowing a good thing when they see it, has agreed to take some young inventors from California under their wing to develop an innovative forest fire detection system. As the fire danger increases in Arizona near Phoenix and Tucson, fire funding remains the same, causing concern among informed individuals; and Arizonans are provided with some useful tips as they continue to suffer through a drought. A 100 acre wind-drive wildfire kept firefighters in New Mexico busy on the weekend. Wisconsin's network of fire towers is highlighted in the next article; and a CL-215 waiting to fight fires in Michigan is showcased in photos associated with the next article. In the wake of two out-of-control control fires in Ohio's Shawnee State Forest, advocacy groups have asked that controlled burns be outlawed. Nearly four dozen wildfires were active in Florida over the weekend, as disclosed by the next three articles. Despite the fact that the UK is about the last place you would expect to find wildfires, firefighters are being equipped with new wildland firefighting rigs. Turkey's Chamber of Forest Engineers discusses means of reducing the damage caused by forest fires in that Mediterranean country. Australian manufacturers, recognizing the prominence of bushfire protection in people's minds, is having a convention in Sydney where bushfire-proof door and window fixtures will be on display. The Chief of Victoria's Country Fire Authority is being grilled about aspects of the Black Saturday bushfires, as the next three articles show. School kids in Australia reached out to their contemporaries who had lost much in the Black Saturday bushfires. And finally, firefighters in Mount Vernon, Ohio, have undoubtedly plucked cats from trees, but this was a different sort of a rescue!

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