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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Once again, wildfire news was plentiful. San Diego utilities are probably sweating blood today as Cal Fire posts the cause of several devastating blazes in San Diego in 2007 on their website and the lawyers representing nine lawsuits begin circling. A blistering response to recent comments by people on the forest industry's payroll was posted in CounterPunch today. Washington State may have to begin withdrawing some of their firefighting support to fight a blaze at Wenatchee. The Mediterranean can't seem to get a break from wildfires either, as Turkey and Greece suffer another outbreak of fires. Some news out of Australia offers hope of diminishing greenhouse gasses during controlled burns. A San Francisco Chronicle article provides some useful tips and frightening statistics to homeowners living in the WUI. San Bernardino National Forest welcomed a new Team 3 Incident Commander to the Interagency Management Team (Chief Fiorella) as fires north of Sacramento burned dozens of homes and the Gap Fire moved into more rugged terrain. While temperatures near Sacramento reached 108, a worrisome quote came from Thom Walsh, a USFS resource unit leader: "We do have a lot of fatigue because of the low numbers of resources in the state."

3 wildfires burning in NC forests

Wildland firefighting crews begin to see more action as Gap Fire moves into tougher territory

Wildfire near Sacramento burns dozens of homes

Fiorella is new Forest Service fire chief

Wildfire - Don't let this happen to you!

Indigenous rangers slashing savanna bushfire emissions

Wildfires rage through Kajmakcalan

Mersin forest fire rages on

Wenatchee wildfire covers 2,500 acres

Blowing Smoke

Cal Fire To Announce Origins Of Fall Wildfires

Thousands evacuate as flames near Paradise, Calif.

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