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Monday, October 20, 2008


The news today begins with a story out of San Diego about remembering the deadly 2007 wildfires, followed by another on Proposition A. Once again, unexploded ordinance makes the headlines, this time on Camp Pendleton. Santa Clarita is also marking the one-year anniversary of the October 2007 wildfires, as is Fox News, with a multimedia presentation of an ember storm. Cancer survivor Mike Dubron of LA County Air Ops is honored in a story from the LA Times about his cancer network. The rumors of the impending death of the 12,000 acre Chalk Fire seem to be greatly exaggerated, as the next story shows, and the governor is trying to resurrect the bill that would level a property tax fee on people determined to live in wildfire-prone areas. Two stories out of the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise today: the first by Rich Brooks discusses the causes of two major fires in the mountains in 2007; the second explores the value of fire lookout towers. Two articles out of Oregon also touch on wildfire issues: the first revisits Oregon's wildfire fee for forest dwellers; the second reminisces about a watery crash by an air-tanker many years ago. Texans are still pondering the wildfire danger in their backyard and proposing a regimen of controlled burns to help avoid disaster. Overseas, the Aerial Firefighting conference in Athens kicks off tomorrow, attended by representatives of NATO, various European governments, vendors, and Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network. Australian bushfires are heating up, threatening farms in northern Queensland, others are burning under the watchful eye of fire authorities in northern Tasmania. Finally, in honor of Halloween next week, a firefighter's worst nightmare: the fire that wouldn't die! (spooky music while reading this story is optional).

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Blaze in U of O chemical lab stumps firefighters, burns itself out

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