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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Over 50 acres were burned by a wind-driven wildfire at the eastern end of the San Gorgonio Pass in Riverside County, California, our first wildfire story today (1); even as fire restrictions were announced for the areas around Palm Springs (2). The Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council is having an outdoor event today to highlight the fire danger in Southern California (3); but with the failure of Proposition 16, San Diego Gas and Electric may look for other ways to recoup millions of dollars paid out as reimbursement for wildfires allegedly sparked by their equipment in 2007 (hint: San Diegans, check your electric bill!) (4) An article from Central California provides some useful links and tips for reducing the fire danger on rural property (5); and fire authorities will be discussing evacuation routes for residents of Butte County at a meeting on Monday night (6). CAL FIRE is on high alert in the Sacramento Valley this weekend due to ideal wildfire conditions (7); something which was underscored by a grass fire near Walnut Creek (8); forcing officials to crack down on partiers and their outdoor fires (9). In these tight financial times, Governor Schwarzenegger is asking the California Congressional Delegation to fully fund his disaster relief program (10). A fire chief's association in Northern California urged wildfire preparedness to residents of Marin County (11); and redwood groves were prepped for controlled burns by the Alpine Hotshots from Rocky Mount National Park (12). Residents of Washington state will be able to sign up for 'tweets' on wildfire activity, according to the Department of Natural Resources (13); and this couldn't come at a better time for residents in the eastern part of that state, where an abundance of weeds has increased the fire danger markedly (14). Two lightning-sparked wildfires have been reported in Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (15). Unattended campfires are becoming the bane of firefighters in New Mexico (16); while two wildfires were reported in the Santa Fe National Forest (17). A wildfire in the Guadalupe Mountains that run along the Texas-New Mexico border is drawing in firefighters from far away (18); but a wildfire near Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park is being allowed to burn for ecological benefits (19). A rash of wildfires in Teller County, Colorado, are being investigated as arson (20); and wildfires were reported in Park County as well (21). South Carolina Forestry Commission firefighters were able to restrict a wildfire to only about 6 acres (22); while the wildfire situation in Alaska, where over 750,000 acres have burned so far this year, is improving (23). A wildfire on Hawaii's Big Island burned 80 acres and destroyed some structures before being contained (24); and may have been started by a backyard barbecue (25). A wildfire in British Columbia, Canada, encroached on a municipal airport (26); while an update on the wildfire situation in western Ontario province is provided by the next item (27). Israeli air-tankers were in action over northern Galilee and the Golan Heights as arsonists set half a dozen wildfires in the area (28); but Indonesia is under fire again for being on fire again! (29) The bizarre logic of Australian energy companies in Victoria is highlighted by the next article (30); while the rumors of the extinction of the rock rat in the Northern Territory, thought to have been wiped out in bushfires in 2002, has been greatly exaggerated, according to scientists who have found new colonies (31). And finally, a look at an innovative Western Australia company which is producing high-tech drones which James Bond would be proud of, some of which could be used for tracking bushfires!

(1) Fire scorches 52 acres in Whitewater Canyon

(2) No hiking, off-roading this summer in wildfire-prone areas

(3) Wildfire awareness fair set today

(4) Dear Customers: $25 Million Uninsured Wildfire Billing by SDG&E

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(28) Police suspect arson behind six bushfires in north

(29) More hotspots detected despite pledge to reduce forest fires

(30) Energy regulator draws a surprise line in Victoria

(31) Long lost rock rat found in NT outback

(32) Lift-off for spy in the sky

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