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Thursday, August 19, 2010


A 66-acre wildfire burning in Southern California's San Bernardino National Forest is now considered 75% contained (1); and another in Tulare County has now been fully contained after burning 880 acres (2); but a 75-acre wildfire was reported in Mariposa County yesterday (3). The next item provides statistical information on the wildfire situation in Oregon to date (4); where firefighters conducted precautionary evacuations of homeowners threatened by a wildfire near Maupin (5); and lightning sparked scores of wildfires in the Willamette National Forest (6). Firefighters continued to battle a wildfire in Washington's Gifford Pinchot National Forest (7); but a 6,500-acre wildfire that has been burning in northwestern Colorado is now considered to be 80% contained (8). As commemoration ceremonies get underway for the 100th anniversary of Idaho's "Big Burn", the role immigrants played in firefighting in the early 1900's is examined (9). A 40-acre wildfire has been reported in Eastern Idaho (10); while the next article takes a closer look at Montana's firefighting aircraft, which just received new cycle counters to help improve efficiency (11). Arson inspectors in Wyoming are checking over the origin of a wildfire near Yellowstone National Park's East Entrance (12); but a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey has been charged with setting a 4-acre wildfire last week (13). Alaskans are being cautioned by fire officials not to expect the wildfire danger to end with the arrival of August rains (14). With 270 wildfires still burning in British Columbia, Canada, firefighters worry about an oncoming windstorm (15); prompting several hundred forestry workers to be evacuated from areas threatened by wildfires in the north (16); and an additional 600 homes to be evacuated as well (17); even as a number of wildfires were deliberately set near Nanaimo, an area which has seen numerous arson wildfires over the years (18). Conair employees reflected on the life of a air-tanker pilot killed in a crash in British Columbia (19); but an Op-Ed piece recounts a firefighter's personal experience with flaming pinecones, "nature's Molotov cocktail"! (20) Smoke from British Columbia's wildfires is fouling the air in Alberta's capital (21). Wildfires continued to burn in Albania, Italy, Portugal, and Greece (22); while a Bulgarian who has been arrested in Greece has admitted to setting at least 16 wildfires because "he liked to watch the fires spread", this at a time when numerous wildfires burn across the country (23). As a cold front brings much-needed relief for Russian firefighters after two months of relentless wildfires, the next article tallies up some of the costs (24); including the latest estimate on the damage caused by the wildfires, which figures out to be $394 million, part of which will be going to pay for replacement housing (25); but a more intangible loss may be the destruction done to Russia's 30 bat species (26). The Russian Emergency Situations Minister praised Russia's 166,000 firefighters for battling wildfires across the country (27). In response to a recommendation from Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission, Victoria has appointed a new Fire Services Commissioner to oversee all three emergency agencies in that state (28); while the Department of Sustainability and Environment is conducting workshops for residents in the Otways who wish to learn how to prepare for bushfires (29). The issue of compensation for 38 families whose homes were destroyed in Western Australia's Toodyay bushfire is now being debated in Parliament (30); while the issue of government support for forest contractors in Tasmania is examined by the next item (31). And finally, firefighters in Woodlake, California, had a tricky extrication to perform: getting a youth out of a chimney!

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