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Monday, September 27, 2010


As Southern California bakes under a triple-digit heat wave, Red Flag conditions are in effect (1); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Bettina Boxall, a Pulitzer-Prize winning writer for the Los Angeles Times, explores the controversial issue of mountain bark beetle infestations actually being beneficial in regards to wildfires (2). Firefighters mobbed a wildfire that broke out in South Pasadena Sunday night (3); and Clovis East High School, one of only a dozen in California to teach wildland firefighting, is profiled in the next article (4). CAL FIRE firefighters were able to contain an 89-acre wildfire that burned north of San Francisco Sunday morning, although one firefighter was injured in the process (5); while firefighters contained a 25-acre wildfire that burned in Napa County (6). Although Hanford, Washington, has seen more wildfires than usual this year, fewer acres have burned overall (7). A truck hauling onions along Interstate 80 in Nevada went off the road Saturday sparking a 25-acre wildfire (8); while a wildfire north of Reno grew to 40 acres in the Plumas National Forest (9). Northern Arizona University will be having a panel discussion on how to restore health to that state's forests in order to avoid another monster wildfire like the 15,000-acre Schultz Fire which burned earlier this year (10); and US Forest Service will be conducting controlled burns in Kaibab National Forest this week (11). Colorado US Sen. Mark Udall speaks about his goals in preserving that state's forests in the next item (12); this at a time when several suspicious blazes have erupted near Greeley, causing firefighters to fear that an arsonist is at work, prompting them to call in federal help (13); and a wildfire in Routt National Forest was reported on Sunday (14); but as if firefighters in that state haven't had enough fires to deal with lately, they're going to light one of their own! (15) A writer from Colorado explores the chemicals used in fire retardants and a nifty building material called Pyrotite that releases water when heated by nearby flames (16); while the next article takes a look at how Utah's Brigham Young University is working with US Forest Service in analyzing wildfires (17). Firefighters in Wyoming will be conducting controlled burns even though several uncontrolled blazes are still burning in the state (18); but although rain has helped ease the wildfire threat across Alabama, fire alerts continue (19). Firefighters in Maryland kept a close eye on a 20-acre wildfire that had burned on Little Allegheny Mountain (20); while firefighters are hoping that a heavy downpour will quench a wildfire burning in Virginia's Augusta County (21). Firefighters in North Carolina contained two wildfires that were reported over the weekend (22); resulting in one firefighter injury and several cases of dehydration (23); but firefighters there were thankful for the arrival of rain (24). Firefighters in Florida have conducted controlled burns across hundreds of thousands of acres this year (25). Russia's Altai Territory faces a renewed wildfire threat as dozens of blazes burn across the border in Kazakhstan (26). Australian senior citizens who were impacted by Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires share some of their memories of that ordeal in the next article (27); but West Gippsland will be using bushfire recovery funds to encourage more tourism (28). Two thieves who robbed a Victorian warehouse of bushfire donations are appealing the terms of their jail sentences (29); and a woman from Whittlesea is also appealing her conviction for inappropriately requesting bushfire relief funds (30). After a bushfire brewed up near Dwellingup, Western Australia, residents have been asked to remain vigilant for any new ones (31); while Queensland has enjoyed above-average rainfall in September, dampening the bushfire danger (32). And finally, our last article unveils a new feature of Burn Area Emergency Recovery: deodorizing homes!

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(4) Clovis firefighting class sparks enthusiasm

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(33) Donations To Wildfire Victims; $20,000 of Odor Absorbing Spray Given To Fire Evacuees

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