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Saturday, September 20, 2008


The Super Scooper event at San Diego continues to make the news, so we lead off with a story contributed by San Diego FD Deputy Chief Brian Fennessy on this topic. Next up, two sobering stories, one from Colorado and one from Canada, in which firefighters are reminded of the danger of their profession. The USFS Walla Walla Ranger District had a large crowd at an informational meeting, probably in large part due to wildfires being in the news, as the next article shows. The battle on the Hidden Fire in Sequoia rages on, with traffic closures in that area, while firefighters have finally contained the Cascadel Fire, after a suppression price tag of over $3 million. Wildfires in Oregon are slowly being contained, as the next two articles demonstrate, and Arizona fire managers are laying plans to do controlled burns to protect residential areas. After the fires, enter the Arbor Day Foundation to perform restoration of burned areas (wildfires have burned over 27 million acres over the past four years). Fire Summit '08 is getting underway in Reno with a three-prong agenda on reducing fuels, isolating fuels, and removing the most combustible fuels from an area. Overseas, the Balkans are having problems with wildfire threatening another resort, this time in Croatia.

Super Scoopers make a big splash on San Diego’s Mission Bay

Hundreds Of Fallen Firefighters Remembered At Memorial Park

New memorial in Alberta pays tribute to those who died fighting forest fires

Forest Service looks for help in forming fire plan

Firefighting effort could tie up traffic

Cascadel fire out

Royce fire nearly under control

Weather helps Oregon firefighters get a hold on wildfires

Crews plan fires to protect forested town

Arbor Day Foundation Starts Campaign to Replant Forest

Fire Summit '08: Community wildfire protection equals fuel suppression

Forest fires force evacuation of Croatian resort

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