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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Starting off the news today, a trio of stories about current wildfires, two articles from San Diego and another from Mt. Baldy. The next article details the wildfire season in Colorado as it comes to a close. A suspect has been apprehended in the Bristlecone Pine fire reported here a few days ago. The Sierra Sun posted an article about helping out air-tanker crews, while the Hawaii Mars got some curious visitors on Lake Oroville. A vendor is stepping in to provide a technological solution for protecting homes from wildfires, but Montana firefighters are waiting expectantly for nature to deploy a fire suppressant which is a bit older technology: snow. The USFS has brought together a compilation of reports on how private industry needs to fill the gap on public information during wildfires (the report is 260 pages long and is available here). The forest industry's representative, Tom Bonnicksen, is on the stump once again, as shown by the next article, and homeowners had to be evacuated up in Wenatchee, Washington, when a wildfire encroached on their neighborhood. Switching overseas, media in the US is finally beginning to report on the devastating wildfires (called 'veldt fires') in southern Africa, while the Spanish CL-415s have arrived in Bulgaria to help fight their weeks-old blaze. Firefighters in Arizona had a bee in their bonnet due to some people disturbing a trash-can sized hive there. And finally, for those of you who thought you had a long drive to a fire, consider that Idaho firefighters had to fight a wildfire at Craters of the Moon (okay, so they're not really on the moon, but it might still be fun to put down a round-trip mileage of over 400,000 miles!)

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