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Thursday, September 08, 2011


Verizon Wireless' emergency telecommunications capabilities at wildfires are showcased in an article I wrote for (1). A 55-acre wildfire was reported in Southern California's San Jacinto Mountains near Banning, yesterday (2); and a 300-acre wildfire burning in Kern County is now 70% contained (3); while a storm moving into Northern California could bring dry lightning and wildfires (4); prompting Mendocino National Forest to impose fire restrictions due to the wildfire danger (5). Wildfires in Central Oregon are the topic of the next article (6); where firefighters earned their pay battling a 330-acre wildfire in steep terrain in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest (7). A 500-acre wildfire burning in Klickitat County, Washington, has forced evacuations to Goldendale Fairgrounds (8); but three juveniles are facing charges over a 21-acre wildfire they apparently lit on the Olympic Peninsula (9). Monsoonal rains were helping quench two large wildfires burning in Arizona's Tonto National Forest (10); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, sent along a press release about their assistance to Texas during their wildfire siege (11). A lightning-sparked wildfire has closed some hunting trails in Idaho's Boise National Forest (12); while 100 people were evacuated from a mine due to a 15,000-acre wildfire that has been burning in the Salmon-Challis National Forest (13). A 101-year-old man who resides in Oklahoma City may live to see another birthday thanks to his diligent caretaker (14). A summary of Texas wildfires is provided by the next item (15); where the toll of homes destroyed increased to 1,626 (16); but the DC-10 has hit a snag because ground crews don't have the pumping station assembled yet and the pilot needs to take a mandatory two-day break after working 14 days straight (17); as firefighters continued to battle wildfires in the Lake Travis area, the Lower Colorado River Authority closing portions of the lake (18); and authorities are on the hunt for four teenagers wanted for questioning in regards to starting a wildfire (19); while U.S. Forest Service is dispatching 765 fire personnel, 46 engines, nine hand crews, five bulldozers and seven water tenders from California to help with the wildfires (20); the following article touching on the economic toll of wildfires and drought on that state (21); but in some cases the tragedies have brought people closer (22); and after 21,000 wildfires have burned 3.6 million acres across the state, residents are beginning to pick up the pieces of shattered lives (23); while health officials issued warnings to people with respiratory problems about wildfire smoke in Houston and across Fort Bend County (24); but easing winds yesterday gave firefighters hope that they might gain the upper hand soon (25); however, the National Weather Service is forecasting increased winds over the next few days (26); no doubt something which was discussed between Mitt Romney and Gov. Perry at the Republican presidential debate (27); but Perry faces a dilemma: ask for federal wildfire aid and be blamed as a hypocrite; or force Texas to shoulder the entire financial burden from the massive wildfires itself (28). Although firefighters in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area are mopping up a wildfire that has burned nearly 2,000 acres, one portion of the fire is being allowed to continue burning for ecological purposes (29); while Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry firefighters have contained a 2,000-acre wildfire burning in Caddo County (30). Alaska Division of Forestry has dispatched 150 firefighters to help with the wildfires in Texas (31). Increasing temperatures in British Columbia, Canada, prompted fears from fire officials about the danger of forest fires (32); where firefighters have nearly extinguished a small wildfire burning on the grounds of the University of British Columbia (33); and fire crews reported full containment of a 39 ha wildfire that was burning on Lake Okanogan (34). In the Mediterranean Basin, wildfires were reported in Italy, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, and the North African nation of Algeria (35); and in Australia, New South Wales Rural Fire Service is already preparing for the bushfires of summer (36). Organizers of a disastrous ultramarathon race that left four runners seriously injured after being trapped by a bushfire in Western Australia have returned to Hong Kong (37); motorists being warned about smoke on the Great Northern Highway due to a bushfire burning near Port Hedland (38); but the bad news just keeps on coming for the Fire and Emergency Services agency as another bushfire arson conviction is likely to be overturned due to a technicality (39). And finally, we've all heard about cheerleader injuries performing difficult routines, but firefighter drill team injuries?

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