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Saturday, February 06, 2010


The legacy of the Station Fire was felt once again as heavy rains in Southern California caused serious mudslides in burn areas bordering the Angeles National Forest, our first wildfire-related story today (1); but firefighters from several districts in Northern California gathered for training in Nevada County to prepare for their own wildfires (2). One Arizona town that just received a $300,000 federal grant hopes to use the money and code changes to become a Firewise community (3). Despite the fact that we're still in winter, Weld County, Colorado, has issued a wildfire warning (4); but the Texas Forest Service is reporting higher-than-average rainfall, which has virtually eliminated the wildfire threat in much of that state (5). Articles from opposite ends of the world, one from the UK and one from Australia, commemorate the first anniversary of Australia's Black Saturday bushfires (6)(7). A Country Fire Authority captain discusses the social changes needed to cope with bushfires, something he covers in his book, The Australian Bushfire Safety Guide (8); but the Australian insurance lobby trying to invoke a different kind of change by putting pressure on the Royal Bushfire Commission to eliminate the Fire Service Levy included as part of every insurance policy in Victoria (9). The legal debate that dominated portions of the Royal Bushfire Commission proceedings is highlighted by the next article (10); while a National Judicial College forum meeting in Canberra debated the effectiveness of current bushfire arson punishment (11). The Tasmanian Fire Service is still battling the Wayatinah Fire, which has scorched a large area and could threaten nearby communities (12). And finally, a Chinese girl, newly arrived in Western Australia and only able to speak Mandarin, had to run for her life when the Toodyay bushfire reached her home!

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