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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Firefighters have corralled all but one of the lightning-sparked wildfires burning in Southern California's Los Padres National Forest (1); that story followed by a synopsis of wildfire activity in Kern County (2); and lightning has sparked four new wildfires in the Tahoe National Forest as well (3). The next item offers a photo spread from Oregon of helicopters and air-tankers in action over wildfires (4); where more favorable weather conditions helped firefighters battling several wildfires across the state (5); including a 10,000-acre blaze near Sisters which is now 25% contained (6). A 4,250-acre wildfire that destroyed two dozen homes in eastern Washington state is now 30% contained (7); while a wildfire burning in the Olympic National Forest has expanded to nearly 2 miles in size (8). A small wildfire burned between five and 7 acres in Boulder County, Colorado, yesterday (9); and residents of Telluride got together to discuss protecting their community from wildfires (10). Details on the wildfires burning in Texas are provided by the next item (11); even as some evacuees return home in Bastrop County, where the wildfire is now 70% contained (12); increased wind velocities prompting the National Weather Service to issue Red Flag warnings for that region (13); but the massive scale of destruction caused by the Texas wildfires (six of the 10 largest wildfires in that state's history have burned in 2011) has once again raised the question of whether climate change is driving the phenomenon (14); the Insurance Council of Texas putting the losses to date at over $250 million statewide (15); volunteer organizations swinging into action to help find more housing for wildfire survivors (16); and the organizers of the Austin City Limits Festival plan to raise funds to help as well (17); while the next article takes a look back over a 25 year period in which Bastrop County has gone from a small community to a sprawling suburb, and the wildfire challenges that has posed (18); but Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent in a tale of "too little, too late", with the following comment: Mike, an interesting article that might be of interest to your daily email. Homeowners were evidently very interested in this fire protection product but unfortunately were not able to beat the TX fires in approval and application. – Chuck Bushey (19). Firefighters have had a busy time with wildfires in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park (20). A wildfire burning in Montana's Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest has cost $600,000 to suppress to date (21); while firefighters fought to protect over a dozen seasonal cabins threatened by a lightning-sparked 750-acre wildfire in the Lewis and Clark National Forest (22). The wildfire burning in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area has expanded to 60,000 acres (23); another 2-acre blaze has been reported in Voyageurs National Park (24); smoke from those blazes drifting into Wisconsin (25); and as far as Michigan (26); while raising the question, when should the Forest Service just let fires burn? (27) The Arkansas Forestry Commission reported 42 wildfires that burned over 500 acres and destroyed three outbuildings in that state (28); while Georgia's resilient Honey Prairie Fire, which has burned 307,000 acres in Okefenokee Swamp, is making for smoky skies in nearby Jacksonville, Florida (29). A sizable wildfire was reported outside of Saskatchewan, Canada's, capital of Regina (30); residents of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, becoming concerned about the smell of wildfire smoke in their neighborhoods, which turned out to be from fires in Saskatchewan, not local fires (31). In the Mediterranean Basin, wildfires were reported in the French Pyrénées, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania, and the North African nations of Algeria and Morocco (32); while Andalucía's Councillor for the Environment hinted that a 900 ha wildfire which destroyed four homes on Spain's Costa del Sol may have been set deliberately (33); and a wildfire outside of Bulgaria's capital of Sofia burned 1,000 dekares of forest and grassland (34). The importance of controlling wildfires in the African nation of Ghana was emphasized by the 14-member Collaborative Partnership on Forests (35); while two aircraft will be used to seed clouds in South Sumatra, Indonesia, in hopes that rainfall will reduce wildfires which have plagued the region for nearly a month (36). Some in Australia's firefighting aviation community worry that the proposed Clean Energy Future programs could result in additional fuel charges for firefighting aircraft (37); and Victoria's Deputy Premier and Emergency Services Minister has put forward a 32-point plan to address bushfire safety concerns in the wake of Black Saturday (38). Queensland Fire and Rescue Service is monitoring several bushfires burning in the north from aircraft (39); while property owners worried about the danger those fires posed (40); the situation prompting the head of the Rural Fire Brigades to express his worries about being prepared for the bushfires of summer (41). Western Australia's incoming chief of beleaguered Fire and Emergency Services Authority plans to focus on moving forward (42). And finally, as if firefighters in Texas didn't have enough to deal with right now, there was a bit of monkey business outside of Houston!

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