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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Eversole, Executive Director of American Helicopter Services & Aerial Firefighting Association, weighs in on the controversial topic of aircraft fighting wildfires at night (1). In Southern California, a 60-acre wildfire burning in Ventura County is now 90% contained (2); while firefighters in Santa Barbara County quickly contained a 10-acre wildfire burning near Refugio Canyon (3); but as wildfires broke out in Santa Cruz County, strike teams sent to wildfires in Northern California were returning home (4); the next article providing an update on those Northern California blazes (5). A wildfire burning in Washington state's Wallowa and Asotin Counties is 40% contained after burning 56,000 acres (6). Firefighters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, quickly squelched a half-acre wildfire on Monday (7); while a wildfire in the Roosevelt National Forest has scorched between 60 and 75 acres of timber (8); a new study by the David Skaggs Research Center outside of Boulder providing the first direct evidence of the heat-trapping effects of wildfire smoke particles (9). In a bizarre coincidence, colliding boulders evidently sparked an 800-acre wildfire in Utah (10). Although Idaho's Trinity Ridge Fire remains only 5% contained, some evacuees will be allowed to return home (11); an editorial faulting Congress for the problems faced by US Forest Service this fire season (12); wildfires in Idaho and Montana being summarized by the next article (13). Firefighters in Wyoming continued to grapple with a 7,500-acre wildfire burning in the Teton Wilderness (14); that story followed by the amazing survival story of a fishing lodge in Ontario, Canada, which was encircled by wildfires a year ago (15). In the Mediterranean Basin, wildfires were reported in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, and the North African nations of Algeria and Morocco (16); a wildfire west of Madrid, Spain, which resulted in the evacuation of 2,000 people, apparently being set by arsonists (17); the item which follows providing video from the fireline of that blaze (18); even as a 50-acre fire was reported on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca (19); meanwhile, the Balkans continued to burn, as Bosnia's Civil Protection Agency scrambled to deal with all the wildfires (20); a video segment from the BBC showing IL-76, BE-200, and CL-415 air-tankers in action over blazes in Serbia (21); and wildfire activity in Russia's Ural Mountain Range, where over two dozen wildfires have been extinguished, is summarized by the next article (22). Fire officials in the Indian city of Bhopal are crediting a new fire alert messaging system with a reduction in acreage burned this year (23); but wildfires on Indonesia's Sumatra Island have sullied Singapore's skies once again (24). Active Tree Services and ESRI Australia have put together a GIS mapping system that monitors vegetation around power lines to reduce the incidence of bushfires (25); the next article taking a look at Victoria's new firefighting levy, which aims to help fund Country Fire Service bushfire operations (26); while firefighters in New South Wales were trying to stay ahead of a bushfire burning north of Sydney (27). Fire crews kept a close eye on the remnants of a 7,500-hectare bushfire near Cloncurry, Queensland (28); major bushfires in that state signaling an early start to a bad bushfire season (29). The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre is forecasting a challenging year of bushfires in South Australia (30). Fire officials meeting at Perth, Western Australia, for the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Council and Bushfire CRC Conference, made a prediction about the bushfire season ahead (31); the West Australian government still debating ex-gratia payments for ultramarathon runners badly burned by a bushfire near Kimberley in 2011 (32). And finally, we have a touching story of wildland firefighters battling a wildfire in Washington state who took time out to help a nursing doe!

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