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Thursday, June 13, 2013


The National Interagency Fire Center reported that 13 major wildfires were burning across the Western US (1); firefighters from two Central California jurisdictions battling a small wildfire outside of Milpitas (2). Several new lightning-sparked wildfires burned over 8,500 acres in Oregon (3); while inmate firefighters received wildland firefighter training while assisting Coos Forest Protective Association in conducting debris burns (4). A model rocket is being blamed for a 1,000-acre wildfire near Kennewick, Washington (5); and the current wildfire situation in New Mexico is provided by the next article (6). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Lasser, a retired Lt. Colonel in the California National Guard, sent along a press release which details the assets the military is committing to Colorado's wildfires (7); where 360 homes have been destroyed and 9,000 people evacuated outside of Colorado Springs (8); smoke from the blaze closing two runways at Denver International Airport (9); and ruining the plans of 1,250 children who were at summer camps (10); while another blaze in the Royal Gorge scorched 3,100 acres (11); but as the winds continue to drive the fires, Great Basin Incident Management Team has taken over control of efforts to contain them (12); Colorado's governor signing three executive orders which authorize $10.15 million in emergency funding to help pay the firefighting bill (13); concerns for the elderly impacted by the blazes being addressed by the next article (14); while animals were evacuated to Elbert County Fairgrounds (15); another article providing suggestions on how to help wildfire survivors (16); a press release from CIGNA discussing ways that health organization is helping wildfire survivors (17); but Colorado's governor is coming in for criticism for not having state-owned air-tankers available (18); the following article taking a closer look at the debate over funding the Colorado Firefighting Air Corps (19); while a video segment provides a detailed look at the DC-10, which will be based at Pueblo for the foreseeable future (20); the video which follows showing the other aircraft involved in the fight (21); current conditions causing US Forest Service to impose Stage One fire restrictions in the Pike and San Isabel National Forests (22). As 75 mph winds toppled trees in the Salt Lake Valley, firefighters across parts of Utah worried about the heightened wildfire danger (23); the next article providing a look at West Virginia's Mid-Atlantic Wildfire Training Academy (24). Heading to Europe, new wildfires were reported near Budoni, Italy, Aksas, Cyprus, Musluca, Turkey, and Jebel Chaambi in the North African nation of Tunisia (25); but Victoria's state director of the Urban Development Institute of Australia slammed what were perceived as restrictive bushfire planning rules for throttling development on Melbourne's outskirts (26). And finally, firefighters in Greenport, New York, got more than they bargained for when they had to rescue 18 cats from a house fire!

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