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Friday, March 12, 2010


An orchard owner in Ventura County is suing a business he claims was responsible for destruction of his orchards during a 2006 wildfire near Moorpark, our first wildfire story today (1); and CAL FIRE has posted their exhaustive 2010 Forest and Range Assessment, which contains details on wildfire activity in the state (2). The next article examines how a renewable energy plan in Oregon is turning forest fire debris into energy to light homes (3); while in Arizona, Maricopa County officials are asking the public to comment on a newly-unveiled wildfire protection plan (4). Utah State Forestry is attempting to reach a consensus with various groups about a wildfire protection plan in Willow Basin, but it's tough sledding (5); and Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources has unveiled Community Wildfire Protection Plans for several communities in Juneau County (6); even as Pennsylvania's governor has set aside next week as the state's official 'Wildfire Prevention Week' (7). Georgia State Forestry Commission conducted controlled burns on a US submarine base to reduce the wildfire risk there (8); but South Carolina forest owners are asking for greater protection from lawsuits stemming from debris fires that stray onto private land (9). Officials in Kelowna, British Columbia, stated that the Canadian community needed an up-to-date wildfire protection plan, since the last one was done in 2004 (10); while hundreds of grass fires set by Welsh youth caused fire officials to request assistance from parents to control their children (11). Officials in the Philippines have closed Mt. Pulag National Park to visitors due to the fire danger (12). Agricultural fires in northeastern India (so-called 'Jhum Cultivation') have claimed over half-a-dozen lives when controlled burns became wildfires (13); and four more people were killed by a wildfire in Thailand's Ratchaburi Province set by villagers clearing forest for agricultural purposes (14). As testimony continued at the bushfire compensation trial in Canberra, Australia, survivors who lost everything vented their grief over perceived inaction by fire agencies to extinguish the 2003 blaze (15); while a former Member of Parliament is pointing out that many recommendations made in earlier bushfire investigations, such as auditing bush clearance numbers, have generally been ignored everywhere but in Tasmania (16); and a fire investigator told a senate inquiry that more vegetation burns need to be done in several states (17). Firefighters in Western Australia had a number of bushfires to deal with (18); while poor visibility due to smoky air is being blamed for a minor collision between two heli-tankers which were reloading from adjacent dams during bushfires in New South Wales (19). In Victoria, both state and federal governments have announced a $10 million stimulus package for businesses in bushfire-ravaged communities (20). And finally, can I see a show of hands for how many would like to go fight a wildfire in India's Biligiri Ranganabetta Tiger Sanctuary!

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