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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Unusually cool and moist weather has helped Southern California dodge the oft-repeated legacy of October: wildfires! (1) U.S. Forest Service will begin conducting controlled burns on the California side of Lake Tahoe today (2); and after 143 days of tension, the Klamath National Forest has announced the official end of 2010's fire season (3). Firefighters in Ashland, Oregon, will be conducting controlled burns of debris piles in the near future (4); and fire managers are considering a prescribed burn in Colorado's Roosevelt National Forest (5); while a New York Times article paints a grim picture as more and more people move into wildland areas in that state, where thinning projects struggle to keep up with urban sprawl (6). A teenager has been arrested in regards to arson wildfires that have burned in Jasper County, Texas (7); but as October draws to a close, fire officials in Arkansas look back on the worst wildfires in five years in that state (8). US Forest Service is offering a reward for information about who let a campfire start a blaze in Kentucky's Red River Gorge (9); where firefighters were also monitoring hotspots in a wildfire that burned in Fort Duffield (10). The wildfire burning in Virginia's George Washington National Forest increased to 300 acres yesterday and is still burning out of control (11). The Chief of Protection for the Georgia Forestry Commission reminded residents of that state about the danger posed by debris fires that get out of control in the current tinder-dry conditions (12); this at a time when the Georgia Forestry Commission has chopped 10% of their personnel as a cost-cutting measure (13). A new report issued by the Russian government provides more details on the damage caused by Russia's heat wave this past summer (14); but sticking to their promise, the Russian government has provided housing for residents of the Ulyanovsk Region who lost homes in the wildfires this summer (15). As deliberately-set wildfires on Indonesia's Sumatra Island continue to pollute the air of nearby Asian neighbors, the root cause of the problem - palm oil plantations - is examined by the next article (16). Heading to Australia, the Victorian Premier will be donating over $1 million to help with a Community Fire Education Centre in Anglesea (17); but tourism advocates in that state are concerned that language in bushfire warnings may scare away potential tourists (18); while residents of Kawarren, a community in the Otway Ranges, are miffed with the Department of Education over delays in designating a local school as a bushfire refuge (19). Wildfire NOTD reader Bob Cavage, President of Wildfire Research Network sent along an item from the October issue of Fire-Rescue Magazine that examines details of the Royal Bushfire Commission report on Black Saturday (on page 71), including an interesting sidebar on the Global Fire Information Management System, which provides satellite wildfire hotspot information worldwide, along with a startling set of statistics on page 74: some 70,000 communities, 46 million homes and 120 million people across the United States are at risk from wildland fires! (20). With bushfire season nearly here, the New South Wales community of Ku-Ring-Gai Council has begun the process of identifying Neighbourhood Safer Places (21); while farmers try to get back to normal after the destruction done by wildfires last season at Tooma Station (22). And finally, a former pastor has a new gig in Washington State: wildland firefighter!

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