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Thursday, August 21, 2008


The NTSB results are in on what caused the crash of the S-61 helo up north, while another article details Poway's Wildfire Defensible Space Program. The weather in Oregon is helping firefighters immensely, as is the case with the Bear Gulch Fire in Montana. USFS has decided to set control fires again, now that the lightning-sparked firestorms in Northern California are pretty much under control. Sentencing was completed for the fire manager at the Thirtymile Fire who lied to investigators. Fire managers in the Shoshone National Forest are implementing some new fire policies they hope will correct years of fire suppression, while Bridger-Teton NF is having to cut back to only 'mission-critical expenses' due to USFS budget cuts. The next article gives a thumbnail sketch of wildfires currently burning in Idaho. And Headwaters Economics produces another groundbreaking study that confirms something many firefighters may have suspected for years: protecting homes drives up wildfire suppression costs (not to mention endangers firefighters' lives). A conference in Idaho will explore some concepts Australian firefighters have utilized for some time (from the same folks who brought us 'Stay and Defend'). Shifting overseas, an article from Australia once again projects a very bad fire season ahead, while one from Italy highlights the outbreak of wildfires in that country. And finally, for the air-tanker folks reading this, here's a story about an air-attack hazard hopefully none of you will have to face: anti-aircraft fire!

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