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Saturday, September 17, 2011


With the approach of Southern California's inevitable Santa Ana's of fall, Orange County Fire Authority is advising people to be prepared (1); even as six air-tankers and 12 helicopters grappled with a 600-acre wildfire burning near Agua Dulce (2); and over 50 firefighters battled a 10-acre wildfire burning in Benicia Community Park in Northern California (3). A summary of wildfire activity in Oregon's Shasta-Trinity National Forest is provided by the next article (4); while fires which have burned 902 acres in the North Umpqua Ranger and Diamond Lake Ranger districts are now 65% contained (5); and although wetter weather has helped dampen the fire season, Northwest Interagency Coordinating Center pointed out that it's not over yet (6). A 40-acre wildfire that was reported in Davis County, Utah, may have been arson (7). People in Bastrop County. Texas, are trying to cope with their losses even though wildfires are still burning there (8); while other parts of Texas hard hit by wildfires are beginning to rebuild (9); but having avoided wildfires so far, residents of McKinney received some tips on how to keep it that way (10); while video associated with the next article offers a firefighters-eye view of the Texas wildfires (11). First responders aren't all focused on treating humans, as an article about the Texas Animal Health Commission demonstrates (12); but in the wake of devastating wildfires across that state, politicians are freeing up more money to help firefighters (13); and the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal will allow the general public access to a state-of-the-art wildfire mapping site later this year (14). Firefighters have reached 20% containment on the 11,480-acre wildfire burning in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest (15). Four National Guard Blackhawks joined seven helicopters and eight fixed-wing aircraft grappling with the 93,472-acre wildfire burning in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area (16); a Wall Street Journal article providing more details on the largest wildfire in that state in over 80 years (17). As the Fall Forest Fire Season arrives, West Virginia Division of Forestry has released guidelines for outdoor burning (18); while fifty-six wildfires continue to burn in Ontario, Canada, a province which has seen 1,209 fires burn 629,041 hectares this year (19). And finally, a cautionary tale from Houston, Texas, is a reminder to check the credentials of firefighters to see if that's what they really are!

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(20) Man linked to Bush Park blaze posed as firefighter, officials say

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