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Thursday, March 21, 2013


In Southern California, Los Angeles-based Fire Protection Group, Inc. issued a press release offering its services to protect homes from wildfires (1); while the California Fire Science Consortium sent along a schedule of upcoming events (2). An article from Sonora, Arizona, provides some tips on how to reduce the wildfire danger to your home (3). The 1,348-acre Galena Fire has been fully contained in Larimer County, Colorado (4); while two US Senators, Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), plan to amend the 2014 Senate budget proposal to add $100 million to modernize the heavy air-tanker fleet (5); Sen. Udall commenting on passage of $65.5 million in additional watershed funding by the US Senate in the article that follows (6); but Eagle River Fire Protection District is bracing for wildfires as the season nears (7). Idaho's Pocatello Regional Airport is struggling to keep its air traffic control tower, used by the DC-10 and National Guard C-130s during wildfire season, from being closed by federal sequester cuts (8). A prescribed burn which went out of control burned 5 acres outside of Clarksville, Texas (9); Texas Forest Service reporting wildfires in Harrison, Rusk, Marion, Wood and Bowie counties yesterday as East Texas braces for more (10). A bill has been introduced into the Nebraska Legislature that would provide $1.7 million to fund air-tankers for Nebraska Forest Service (11); while people whose cabins were destroyed by a wildfire in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, over the weekend reflected on the devastation (12). West Virginia Division of Forestry considered implementing burn bans as meteorologists forecast Red Flag conditions through tonight (13); but US Forest Service fire crews will be setting a few fires of their own in Virginia's George Washington and Jefferson National Forests (14). In South Carolina, the Horry/Georgetown Fire Chief's Association released a statement about last weekend's devastating Carolina Forest Fire that destroyed over 100 condominiums (15); even as wildfire survivors are being allowed back in to look for mementos (16); the importance of renters insurance being discussed in the next article (17); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Darryl Jones, Forest Protection Chief for the South Carolina Forestry Commission, warned that the danger of additional wildfires remains (18). As the United Nations declared today World Forest Day, an article from Russia discusses the impact of wildfires in a country that contains one fifth of the world's forestland (19). A lack of rainfall on Thailand's island of Phuket has fire authorities concerned about wildfires (20); but with just a few weeks left in the bushfire season, Victoria, Australia's, fire crews remain on high alert (21). And finally, a firefighter in Lee County, Florida, performed an unusual rescue: saving a fledgling osprey that had fallen out of its nest!

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