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Monday, July 21, 2008


In today's news, a few articles highlight the progress made on the California wildfires, while a couple of others show how danger still exists, both from current fires and from incoming thunderstorms. It appears that the western U.S. is now 'ground zero' for wildfires due to climate change, something which has insurance companies gearing up their own firefighting measures to protect policyholders and people asking if there isn't a better way to prepare for and fight fires. Colorado has another wildfire break out as an Alabama National Guard helo arrives on the fireline in California. Finally, a couple of stories of wildfires in Canada and the Canary Islands (which suffered terrible fires last year).

Official: Lower temps should help with wildfires

Stagnant air pattern helps firefighters make progress

Basin Complex fire continues to spread as firefighters set backfires

Thunderstorms in forecast worry firefighters

Warming West is ground zero for wildfires

Insurers peddle enhanced wildfire protection coverage

Are the ways fires are fought and prevented firewise?

Fire empties Jefferson County forest homes

State Guard helicopter crews get first doses of firefighting in California

Wildfires smoulder in southeastern B.C.

Forest fire in La Esperanza hits home warnings