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Monday, August 24, 2009


Three wildfires that have burned over a hundred thousand acres collectively in California have finally been contained; even as rehabilitation efforts in burn areas begin. Air-tanker pilots flying out of Grass Valley Air Attack Base in Central California discuss the peculiarities of battling wildfires from the air; but a US forest service firefighting crew carrier was clipped by a semi in Northern California and the resultant crash put several firefighters in the hospital. Firefighters are making progress against a wildfire that has burned several thousand acres in Washington state; and firefighters are hoping to have a massive 10,000 acre wildfire in Nevada fully contained tonight. As the heat and wind continue to rise, wildfires in British Columbia's interior continue to worsen, as shown by the next two articles. A wildfire broke out near a French Alps resort; but the bulk of the news out of Europe today involves Greece: Archaeological sites near Athens appeared to have been spared by the wildfires raging there; but the Greek government may not be so fortunate, as public anger against their handling of this emergency continues to rise and subsequent urban development of burn areas proceeds unabated, as shown by the next three articles. Seventeen firefighting aircraft were grappling with wildfires in Greece; as the European Union's members scrambled aircraft to help; and the Russian president ordered IL-76 and BE-200 firefighting aircraft into the area as well. More details on the five nation coalition which is debating how best to tackle Indonesia's rampant wildfires is provided by the next article. Wild weather and extreme temperatures in Australia appear to be the harbinger of what climate scientists are calling an unusually warm year ahead. The new bushfire building codes in Victoria are universally accepted as being sound, however the materials needed to rebuild in bushfire-ravaged areas are in short supply; and officials are concerned about fire shelters that may be the products of substandard construction. An update on bushfires burning in the southern part of Queensland is provided by the next two articles; at a time when that state is directing $3 million towards bolstering firefighting equipment, some of which was developed by Queensland Fire and Rescue Rural Operations in conjunction with the service's Operations Engineering Services Unit. An environmental engineer advocates cloud-seeding as the best solution to future bushfires. A bushfire alert system was demonstrated in Western Australia, the first state to go operational with such a system; which may be a good thing if more pyros like the one mentioned in the next article are on the loose. And finally, a cautionary tale about keeping firefighting equipment secure, as a trio of thieves using firefighting tools have been ripping open ATM machines in the Washington, DC, area!

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