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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A man has been charged with setting Southern California's Old Fire in 2003, just before the statute of limitations on arson would run out towards the end of this month, in our first wildfire story today. Ground crews, assisted by helicopters, managed to rope in a small brush fire in San Diego County yesterday; while the next article provides some details of the agreement between the San Diego County Supervisors and San Diego Gas and Electric on cost sharing for the S-64 helicopter SDG&E has leased. An article from Washington state takes another look at two control fires which were decidedly out-of-control earlier this year. The Coconino National Forest in Arizona is planning some prescribed burns this week; and a summary of the wildfire situation in northern Arizona is provided by the next article. A fascinating look at the Coeur D'Alene Nursery, a seed and seedling storehouse in Idaho that provides the means to restoring wildfire-ravaged forests, is provided by the next item; followed by a book review by the Wall Street Journal about a gigantic 1910 wildfire in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains. Homeowners in northern Minnesota have received federal funds to help them set up wildfire sprinkler systems; while rebuilding is continuing apace in a South Carolina community ravaged by wildfires six months ago. Firefighters will allow a small blaze in Florida to burn itself out over the next few days. BAE Systems will be conducting low altitude demonstrations over Loch Doon in Scotland this week to show off the firefighting capabilities of its BAE 146 jet for interested parties from the US and Australia. A new report from the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment argues that a proposed kangaroo cull in Australia's Capital Territory will increase the bushfire danger and reduce biological diversity. Echoing American fire officials' worries when supertankers were introduced into aerial firefighting in the US, Australia's fire officials were reluctant to use IL-76 aircraft offered by Russia during the Black Saturday bushfires due to concerns about their lack of maneuverability in rugged terrain and slow turnaround time. A family in Victoria is not waiting for resolution of the bushfire bunker building code debate, but is pressing forth with having their own bunker in place as bushfire season gets underway; but South Australia's Country Fire Service is advising homeowners to focus on more than just bushfire bunkers as means of survival in a bushfire. 'No rest for the weary' is the watchword for Queensland firefighters as the weather promises no rain for the next few days, allowing bushfires to continue to burn; however, rural firefighters there feel they are being treated like second-class citizens by their urban brethren. As investigators continue to probe several arson fires set around Rockhampton, one man has been arrested for setting fire to a pile of leaves, ostensibly to keep warm; but as bushfires continue to blaze across the central of that state, a firefighter has been hospitalized after a tree fell on his truck. Another contingent of firefighters from New South Wales has arrived in besieged Queensland, where an estimated 3,800 bushfires have broken out in the past few weeks! The price tag for the blazes to date is tabulated in the next item. A community in New South Wales was threatened by a bushfire yesterday; followed by an update on plans for safe havens within communities threatened by bushfires there. And finally, a motorist whose car caught fire received an assist from an unexpected source: the New South Wales Fire Commissioner!

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