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Friday, March 23, 2012


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, Past President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along an invitation to an upcoming webinar to discuss the impact of increasingly-frequent large wildfires across the US (1). The seaside community of Cambria, California, will be getting a fire break, courtesy of CAL FIRE (2). In Colorado, Yuma County officials announced that a 37 mi.² wildfire which raged through the area was apparently sparked by a fallen power line (3); where the Colorado State Forest Service will be replacing a fire department's firetruck which was lost in the blaze last weekend (4). A list of what to do before, during, and after a wildfire is provided by Montana's Flathead Indian Nation in the next article (5); but a wildfire that threatened homes in Carlton County, Minnesota, has been blamed on a discarded cigarette (6). The next news item highlights Michigan's Firewise program (7). A controlled burn in Carter County, Kentucky, got out of control, burning dozens of vehicles in the process (8); and there is concern that timber blown down by tornadoes may add fuel to future wildfires (9). A wildfire broke out near power lines in Buxton, Maine, today (10); even as fire officials in New Hampshire suspended burn permits temporarily due to an elevated fire risk (11). A number of wildfires broke out on Thursday across Massachusetts (12); and US Forest Service was investigating a 150-acre wildfire that burned in Virginia's Jefferson National Forest (13). In Canada, the Saskatchewan provincial government has been brought under fire for cutting back on firefighters to save $400,000 (14); while a 240-hectare wildfire was brought under control outside of Stuartburn, Manitoba (15). Although a forest fire that burned on the slopes of Africa's Mount Kenya for a week has finally been put out, 10% of the surrounding forests have been destroyed (16). Following a 600-hectare wildfire in India's Nagarahole National Park, Rs. 20 crore ($4.2 million) has been freed up to bolster fire response in the area (17); while firefighters in Dachigam National Park are battling to save the habitat of a highly endangered species of deer (18). Australians living in Eaglehawk, Victoria, reflected on how the Black Saturday bushfires impacted them three years after the event (19). And finally, firefighters in Vallejo, California, used to getting cats out of trees had something a little larger to extricate this time!

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