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Monday, November 24, 2008


First up in wildfire news today, Universal Studios is showing their appreciation for firefighters again this year by offering free admission to firefighters through Christmas Eve. Private firefighting companies protecting homes from the Tea Fire in Montecito are mentioned in the next article, followed by one about Santa Clarita residents' grief over power lines in their neighborhood. Two contrasting stories next up: the first about how a gang member escaped the barrio as a wildland firefighter; the next about a wildland firefighter who decided to take a city job to be close to his family. Two articles out of Redding: the first contrasts the fire management practices of USFS and CalFire; the second recounts the difficulty of getting suppression cost info from fire agencies. Another article summarizes the Starfire program unveiled by Colorado researchers, while the next recalls the past fire season in southern Texas. A small wildfire broke out in North Carolina over the weekend, and a story from Minnesota looks back on a program designed to monitor forest lands many years ago. An article from Cape Cod details how controlled burns were carried out with military precision on a training facility. Three articles touch on technology - the first from USC and UCLA researchers (yes, they do work together sometimes) discusses the toxicity of wildfire smoke; the second highlights Phos-Chek firefighting chemicals in use by CalFire; and the third from Australia reveals a large wind tunnel built for the purpose of studying bushfire phenomenon to reduce the loss of property there (4,500 homes in the past 40 years). And finally, the story of a hare-raising rescue in Colorado.

Universal Studios Offers Firefighters Free Entry

Private fire crews gaining ground in the field

Residents protest 'green' power lines

Former gang member finds redemption by fire

Firefighter leaves forests for city

Two big fire agencies have vastly different philosophies

Summer wildfire battles costs astronomical

CSU lab maps strategies for fighting wildfires

Forecasts favor wildfires across South Texas

15-acre Fire Burns in Kings Mountain

Program created to help keep an eye on forest land

Military base has torched earth policy

Where there's wildfire smoke, there's toxicity

Fighting wildfires, but not with water

CSIRO unveils bushfire wind tunnel

Firefighters Smiling After Hare Rescue

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