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Saturday, January 12, 2013


In Northern California, Lassen National Forest is asking for public comment on how to rehabilitate 28,000 acres burned by last summer's Reading Fire (1); while kids in Napa Valley are doing their part to increase wildfire awareness through art as part of a Napa Firewise program (2). With the Bureau of Land Management's reseeding operations on Oregon's Long Draw Fire burn area completed, rehabilitation of the 870 sq mile area is proceeding apace (3); and New Mexico's Gila National Forest will be conducting more wildland firefighter training late in February (4). A Colorado Congressman who introduced the Healthy Forest Management and Wildfire Prevention Act reflects on the importance of wildfire safety in an Op-Ed piece (5); but although Michigan's wildfire season is still months away, a mild winter could have a profound impact on it (6). Fire crews quickly overwhelmed a bushfire outside of Christchurch, New Zealand (7). Bushfires continue to rage in Australia, where current conditions are ripe for more across five states (8); climate change once again getting the blame for the current situation (9); more photos from the International Space Station showing how bushfires have spread (10); nevertheless, some families have successfully fought the blazes to a standstill on their own doorstep (11). A cooling trend helped firefighters in Victoria gain the upper hand on bushfires there (12); but a teenager has been arrested in regards to lighting a blaze north of Melbourne (13). Over 130 bushfires continued to rage across New South Wales, some of them lightning-sparked (14); even as the Rural Fire Service Commissioner disputed claims that the fire agency is underfunded (15). A 20-ha bushfire in Middle Swan, Western Australia, has closed the Roe Highway (16). In Tasmania, a bushfire hotline is closing (17); but controversy is brewing over the perceived failure of the state government to implement adequate fuel reduction ahead of this month's devastating bushfires (18). And finally, for those firefighters who enjoyed see-saws as kids, consider the following rescue of a motorist from a car teetering 30' off the ground!

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