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Saturday, May 02, 2009


Wildfire news today begins with FEMA digging deeper into the $9.4 million clean-up contractors conducted in San Diego after the 2007 wildfires there; followed by a story about how former CAL FIRE Air Ops Chief Mike Padilla is under scrutiny by state officials over his dealings with CAL FIRE aviation contractor DynCorp International (his current employer) while still working for CAL FIRE. The continuing saga of the battle over Santa Maria's air-tanker base status is updated by the next item; and firefighters in Northern Arizona were breathing a sigh of relief that there was no wind when a wildfire started at the base of a hill with homes on top. With budget cuts of up to 30% in some categories, Oregon Department of Forestry is concerned about their response to wildfires this year; but despite a calmer spring fire season than last year, Virginia fire officials are not letting up their guard as fire season comes to an end this year. A wildfire expert from Tennessee fills homeowners in on how to protect their homes from wildfires; while a silent auction is being held in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to help people who suffered losses in the recent wildfire there, but with an estimated $25 million in property losses alone, it will take a lot of auctions to make a difference. Pristine arctic air in Alaska is getting sullied by smoke from Siberian wildfires, among other things. A trio of stories from Halifax, Nova Scotia: taking no chances of a flare-up, firefighters are sticking around to make sure the largest wildfire in that city's history is well and truly dead; one city official touring the burn areas was amazed at how much damage the fires had done; while neighboring New Brunswick is taking a closer look at what just happened in Nova Scotia and wondering if it could happen there as well. Parts of Spain are under a burn ban as winds pick up in areas that are at high fire risk. India's own version of Southern California's Santa Ana winds are blowing across northern states, keeping fire agencies on the alert; and firefighters, afraid of Maoist rebels and wild animals in the forest, have begged off fighting a blaze in India's Orissa state for over a month. A detailed analysis of Victoria's fire funding plans is provided in the next item. And finally, high-tech giant Google is employing 800 self-propelled weed-eaters to keep the vegetation trimmed around their Mountain View, California, campus, thereby abating the wildfire danger.

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