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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Firefighters roped in a 25-acre wildfire burning in Southern California's Moreno Valley (1); and firefighters contained an eight-acre wildfire burning in Riverside County's Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument yesterday (2); but although firefighters in Sequoia National Park approve of the ecological benefits provided by a 3,200-acre wildfire burning there, residents of Tulare County could do without the smoke (3). A wildfire threatened several apartment buildings in Kennewick, Washington, as firefighters contained another 5,000-acre blaze nearby (4); while Nevada's Sierra Fire Protection District believe that a ricocheting bullet may have sparked a 70-acre wildfire in their area (5). As Arizona's monsoon season arrives, Tonto National Forest will lift its fire restrictions Friday due to abundant rainfall (6); nevertheless, there is still wildfire activity in the Kaibab National Forest (7). An update on wildfire activity in Idaho is provided by the next article (8); and the wildfire situation in Utah follows (9); where officials were reminding residents about the continuing fire danger (10). A 50 to 60-acre wildfire destroyed a railroad bridge linking Texas and Oklahoma along the Red River (11); while a 656-acre wildfire was reported in Deaf Smith County, Texas, yesterday evening (12); and electric utility companies provided some helpful tips to homeowners on how to prevent wildfires in that drought-stricken state (13). Firefighters in Wyoming continued to grapple with an 11-square-mile wildfire burning on the South Dakota border (14); while the Mississippi Forestry Commission is showcased in the next article (15). The Connecticut Army National Guard conducted helicopter wildfire training exercises this week (16); but North Carolina Forest Service firefighters are battling heat and humidity as well as wildfires in Pender and Onslow counties (17). Ontario, Canada's, wildfire smoke is forcing evacuations of residents of Manitoba, which are being conducted by the Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters (18); while Thunder Bay, Ontario, officials were asking for local communities to house evacuees from wildfires in the northern part of the province who have been streaming into that city (19); and Ottawa welcomed some more (20); but Niagara was unable to take any due to an outbreak of Clostridium difficile (21). A pair of wildfires were reported in Portugal, and several fires continued to burn in Greece and Spain as well (22); English expatriates in Spain being cautioned about the high fire danger in the following article (23). Heading to Australia, New South Wales' National Parks and Wildlife Service is conducting controlled burns in the Nambucca Valley in preparation for bushfire season (24); while the next article takes a closer look at Western Australia's Operation Rangelands Restoration program which aims to reintroduce flora and fauna to areas ravaged by bushfires (25). And finally, we conclude with a wildlife rehabilitation success story from Arizona where the Monument Fire nearly claimed the life of a fledgling screech owl!

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(25) A conservation project is returning bilbies to the Goldfields

(26) Wildlife biologist, family release owl that was rescued from southern Ariz. wildfire

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