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Thursday, December 22, 2011


An editorial from the Southern California community of La Cañada weighs in on a thorny question never answered by the recent GAO report: why the Martin Mars was not called in to snuff the Station Fire in its early stages (1); while the seaside community of San Clemente will be changing wildfire danger maps to identify zones at very high risk with the assistance of CAL FIRE (2); and an assemblymen is moving forward with plans to challenge the state's new $150 wildfire fee in January (3); even as a small wildfire was reported by CAL FIRE in El Dorado County (4). University of Arizona researchers plan to study how Native Americans have dealt with wildfires in New Mexico since pre-Columbian times (5). As the end of the year approaches, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is requesting more donations and visitations to state parks to help pay for operating costs after wildfires devastated several of them (6); while a Bastrop County resident is getting some help rebuilding his home which was destroyed by the Labor Day wildfires (7). Environmentalists protested legislation that aims to thin trees on New Jersey state land to reduce the incidence of wildfires (8); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a call for papers for their upcoming Critical Infrastructure Protection conference on the Mediterranean island of Cypress (9). A scathing report over Israel's Carmel Forest fire has prompted officials to request that the Forest Authority be placed under the Environmental Protection Ministry (10); while a press release provides details on a new organic polymer which can be used to stabilize soil to reduce erosion in that Middle Eastern nation's burn areas (11). A photo spread of helicopter air-tankers in action over Ocean View, South Africa, is provided by the next item (12); but a dozen landmines exploded in northern India as a wildfire burned along the Pakistani border (13). Boaters in New South Wales, Australia, have been reminded about the bushfire danger posed by flares as New Year's Eve approaches (14); while authorities in South Australia recommended that ranchers have safe areas for their livestock in case of bushfires (15). And finally, the writing skills of Sussex Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade firefighters earned them an end-of-the-year financial windfall!

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(16) Bushfire mates rewarded

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