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Friday, May 29, 2009


A wildfire in San Diego County last week was started as a training exercise, but got out of control; and a prolific arsonist from Southern California was sentenced. A training exercise in Los Gatos sent smoke plumes into California skies this afternoon; while vouchers aimed to help people replant burn areas in Lake Tahoe, California, went out to homeowners. CAL FIRE is battling a series of lightning-sparked wildfires south of Porterville; as seasonal firefighters in California are queuing up for jobs in what is projected to be a horrific fire season. Oregon fire agencies are wary of a storm front moving into their state; and Washington fire officials feel that the change in climate is also forcing a change in firefighting strategy. A system of helicopter dip tanks with attendant water bladders (a concept similar to The Water Cache Project) proved decisive in helping firefighters control a wildfire in Gila County, Arizona. Fire managers from over twenty agencies gathered in Colorado to discuss wildfire preparations and response plans; but a small wildfire in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains kicked off the fire season in that state. A group of Montana landowners were honored with a Firewise award for their work in community fire prevention; while forest fires at opposite ends of Alaska's interior are diminishing with the help of cooler weather. 'For want of a computer, a town was lost' could probably be the subtitle of the next item from the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings in Melbourne, Australia. An Australian arsonist has been denied bail due to failures in the past to appear at court hearings; followed by the Australian viewpoint of Southern California fire chiefs' abandonment of 'stay and defend'. And finally, a cautionary tale from Florida about accident scene behavior: just drop the foot and back away slowly...

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Arsonist sentenced for setting multiple fires in 90 minutes

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Final vouchers go to some in Tahoe wildfire area

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Global warming forces Forest Service to reconsider strategy

County’s tanks, bladders helped contain recent fires

Fire crews expect average season, plan for worst

Bitterroot NF reports first wildfire of the season

Seeley Lake group honored for wildfire prevention efforts

Cooler temperatures aiding Alaska firefighters

Public fire warning team 'had no computer', Bushfires Royal Commission hears

No bail for bushfire arson accused

US fire chiefs scrap 'Stay and Defend'

Ex-firefighter sentenced for stealing foot

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