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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Juveniles playing with fire in the sagebrush sparked a 90 acre blaze near the Southern California town of Hemet, our first wildfire story today (1); but the region could be in for worse wildfires in the future as the current El Niño effect gives way to a La Nina effect (2). CAL FIRE crews battled a wildfire in northern San Diego County yesterday (3); which forced the evacuation of a summer camp at the base of Palomar Mountain (4). An article underscores the importance of microchips on pets who get separated from their families during wildfires (5); and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will be holding hearings at the end of this month to discuss a possible $5 million fund to improve firefighting in the region (6). Due to increased fire danger, Cleveland National Forest is imposing fire restrictions this weekend (7); as is Los Padres National Forest (8). CAL FIRE was able to limit a wildfire burning near Santa Cruz to less than an acre (9); and CAL FIRE firefighters also smothered an 11-acre wildfire near Ione yesterday afternoon (10). Firefighters in Central California are preparing for the inevitable wildfires of summer (11); but a wildfire burning near Millerton Lake has finally been contained after burning nearly 500 acres (12). Firefighters put homeowners in Monterey County on notice that, even though the fire season has been delayed, it could turn out to be ferocious due to excessive growth of fuels from the winter rains (13). A summary of Arizona wildfire activity is provided by the next article (14); where firefighters are rushing to contain a 14,500 acre wildfire still burning near Flagstaff (15). An Op-Ed piece from New Mexico praises the state's firefighters for their efforts in protecting citizens from wildfires (16); while a US forest service firefighter will be conducting a meeting in Moab, Utah, in which she will be discussing wildland firefighter training overseas (17). The weather was finally giving firefighters in Colorado a break so that they could rope in the blazes they been fighting for the better part of a week (18); with estimates that the wildfire burning in the Royal Gorge could be contained as early as tomorrow (19); but a wildfire in El Paso County was sparked by attempts to start an old recreational vehicle (20). Rural wildfires provided some activity for firefighters in the Texas Panhandle yesterday (21). Heading North, firefighters in British Columbia, Canada, were battling a blaze on Purden Mountain (22); and bulldozers once again proved their value on the fireline elsewhere in that province (23). Smoke from a fire burning in northern Manitoba has prompted evacuation warnings from officials (24); and an update on the latest fires in Ontario is provided in the next article (25). Putting bushfires in a CO2 perspective, an article from the UK illustrates the environmental impact of blazes Down Under (26). Helitech will be lifting off in Portugal this coming October (27); while helicopters from British bases on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus lent a hand to firefighters dealing with a wildfire that threatened homes there yesterday (28). The Country Fire Authority firefighter accused of starting numerous bushfires in Victoria, Australia, while intoxicated has been released on bail (29). To better respond to future bushfires, the Victoria Police are restructuring their department (30); while the head of the Bushfire Reconstruction effort in Victoria was making the rounds in that state (31). And finally, check the credentials of your fellow firefighters - who knows, one of them might be a former NFL player!

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