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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A flaming big-rig sparked a 30-acre wildfire along Southern California's Interstate 5 near Castaic yesterday (1); while CAL FIRE used air-tankers and firefighters on the ground to corral a wildfire burning just outside of Crafton Hills College in Redlands (2); but all trails and wilderness areas that were closed by the 20,500-acre Lion Fire in Sequoia National Forest have been reopened (3); and a 1,453-acre wildfire burning in Trinity County should be fully contained today (4); but a 275-acre blaze in the Sierras will be allowed to burn for a while (5). Firefighters plan to conduct burnout operations to help contain a 5,500-acre wildfire burning in Arizona's Tonto National Forest (6); while a National Science Foundation grant will fund a study at New Mexico State University which aims to find out how changes in the timing and severity of monsoons are likely to affect vegetation and fire frequency (7). The Small Business Administration will be providing loans for people hard-hit by wildfires that burned through Oklahoma City in late August and early September (8). The historic drought which continues to dog Texas has prompted fire officials to continue imposing fire restrictions throughout the state (9); including on federal land (10); even as firefighters battled a three-acre wildfire burning near Lake Houston (11); while a lightning-sparked 200-acre wildfire that blazed across Travis County spared homes, but did destroy parts of a movie set (12); and wildfires in Crockett and Brewster County continued to cause headaches for firefighters (13). Fire officials in Collin County, Texas, said that unless they get a hard rain, the wildfire danger will continue (14); but as the wildfires around Bastrop County are brought to 98% containment, the 911 phone calls have been released (15); while the Austin Humane Society will be putting over 100 animals rescued during the wildfires up for auction on Monday (16); but a presentation at Austin College provided some stark wildfire statistics for their students: 21,000 wildfires have burned over 3,000,000 acres and 7,000 structures this year (17). Although lightning-sparked wildfires continue to occur within Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park, few have grown to more than a few acres in size (18). While firefighters have the 93,450-acre wildfire burning in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness 61% contained, the approach of windy conditions may cause complications (19); with a wildfire that has already cost an estimated $11 million to suppress (20); and state lawmakers contend that the federal government should pay for the lost timber (21). Another article reflects on the mild fire season in British Columbia, Canada, this year (22); even as firefighters are beginning to get a handle on a wildfire burning near Fort McMurray, Alberta (23). After the chairman of Australia-based Softwoods Working Group estimated that 400 gigalitres of water was lost due to the 2003 Canberra bushfires, he asserted that better bushfire preparation was necessary in high rainfall areas (24); and as New South Wales kicked off Bushfire Awareness Week, fire officials provided some useful tips on how to prepare (25). An Emergency Operations Centre has been activated in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, to help with raging bushfires in the area (26); this at a time when two people have been arrested for setting some of those bushfires (27). The Western Australia Police Commissioner hopes to have a unified communications system in place in the near future to help avoid the disarray which caused the destruction of dozens of homes in Roleystone earlier this year (28); but the hiring of the former FESA head in a new role has sparked a controversy (29). There was a bit of a tiff in the Tasmanian Parliament over the proposed end to native logging (30). And finally, firefighters in Victoria, Australia, found some peculiar weeds around a house on fire - the seven-fingered type!

(1) Brush fire by Castaic contained, but 5 Freeway lanes still closed

(2) Brush fire burns near Crafton Hills College

(3) Fire-affected trails in Sequoia National Park and Sequoia National Forest reopen

(4) Full containment expected today on fire near Ruth

(5) Forest Service lets Sierra fire burn

(6) Wildfire in Northern Arizona Burns 5,500 Acres

(7) NSF grant funds monsoon-wildfire study

(8) Okla. Wildfire Victims Eligible For SBA Loans

(9) Burn bans still in effect; extension through new year possible

(10) U.S. Forest Service revises fire restrictions for hunting season

(11) Firefighters battle grass fire near Huffman

(12) Wildfire burns near Hamilton Pool; destroys part of movie set

(13) Two Fires Continue to Burn in West Texas

(14) Wildfire threat continues; fire marshal offers advice

(15) 911 AUDIO: Bastrop wildfire calls released

(16) Pets from wildfire go up for adoption

(17) Startling wildfire statistics revealed at Austin College wildfire conference

(18) Another Late-Season Fire in Yellowstone National Park

(19) Firefighters Prepare for Wind

(20) BWCA wildfire fighting costs $11 million to date

(21) Range lawmakers: Feds should pay for burned trees

(22) Recalling fire season that never ignited

(23) Fort McMurray forest fire 'being held'

(24) Forester urges bushfire preparation shake-up

(25) Bushfire awareness week prompts emergency preparation reminder

(26) Reinforcements called in to fight Red Centre fires

(27) Second person arrested over bushfires

(28) Call for single bushfire communication system

(29) Hiring of former FESA head in new role defended

(30) Forestry funding fires up Parliament

(31) Vic firefighters uncover cannabis crop

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