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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


CNN provides a behind-the-scenes look at the big business of wildland firefighting contracts in the United States, where the US Forest Service spends roughly 50% of its budget on contractors (1). A wildfire that burned 75 acres in San Diego's East County has spread into Mexico (2); while CAL FIRE firefighters will be honing their techniques in fighting wildfires in Central California through Thursday (3). Arizona's largest wildfire is now 58% contained after burning 529,825 acres and 36 structures (4); while its second-largest is 45% contained after burning 27,200 acres (5); and a wildfire burning in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is now 20% contained after burning 213 acres (6); but Mexican drug smugglers are getting the blame from authorities in Cochise County for starting the Monument Fire (7). The Arizona Fire Chiefs Association dispatched an assistant chief to help with the Wallow Fire (8); and Christians are getting involved in relief efforts as well (9); but the Coconino National Forest now has a complete fire ban in place due to the wildfire danger (10); while another casualty of Arizona's wildfires, horses and livestock, are discussed in the next article (11). Overall, wildfires are burning across 1.4 million acres in 12 southern states at the moment (12); and firefighters in Arizona and New Mexico have resigned themselves to the fact that the massive blazes burning there will continue until the monsoon season gets here (13); while authorities were allowing 200 residents to return to Luna, New Mexico, as the wildfire danger abated (14). A collection of photos from the Texas wildfires is provided by the next article (15); followed by a summary of wildfire activity across that state (16); where a 315-acre wildfire on the outskirts of Katy was roped in by firefighters from several departments (17); but a wildfire in Nolan County has burned 32,000 acres, destroying 12 homes in the process (18); while firefighters battling a 5,800-acre wildfire in Grimes County that had destroyed 36 structures were hopeful that an Intrastate Mutual Aid System agreement would provide additional resources to fight the blaze (19); and a bit of rain helped as well (20). Although firefighters are making control lines around a 10,000-acre wildfire burning in North Carolina's Holly Shelter Game Lands, the fire is still considered uncontained (21); a video segment showing how smoke from North Carolina's wildfires is making for hazy air across the state (22). Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida are blanketed with smoke from wildfires burning in and around Okefenokee Swamp (23). The deaths of two firefighters in northern Florida brought a renewed emphasis on safety for fire crews weary after weeks on the fireline (24); even as Florida Division of Forestry provided some Firewise tips to homeowners in wildfire-hit Flagler County (25). Wildfires continue to burn in Alberta, Canada's, backcountry (26); and the importance of policing Gambia's forests to reduce wildfires and illegal logging in that African nation is explored by the next article (27). Heading to Australia, Victoria's One-Off water tank grant program has been extended until June of 2012 (28); while the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales Bushfire Program will be holding its Eighth Biennial Bushfire Conference in Sydney later this week (29). One South Australia Country Fire Service station feels that text messaging, radio alerts, and bushfire sirens should all be used to alert residents in the event of a bushfire emergency (30). And finally, firefighters in Akron, Ohio, had an unusual rescue to perform after a Peregrine falcon chick crashed during flight operations!

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