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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today's sampling of news leads off with a story sent in by San Diego Fire Department Deputy Chief Brian Fennessy about the CL-415 Super Scooper contribution to the Skyline Fire in San Diego County, followed by one on recent developments on the Skyline Fire, including apprehension of a suspected arsonist, and action photos from the aerial response. An Op-Ed piece from San Diego compares fire conditions of the past with the current situation, while a story from Ramona discusses life in wildfire country. A KPBS program tells how trailer-dwelling wildfire victims have received an extension on rebuilding. Orange County residents reflect on lessons learned from last year's wildfires in their area and safeguards being put in place to prevent a reprise (with comments by Chief Prather). The wildfires in the LA area are finally considered contained (at a suppression cost of $12 million for the Sesnon Fire alone), while a new wrinkle has been added to the mix for high-power lines causing fires like the Sesnon Fire: the PUC doesn't regulate lines on private land. Fires may come and fires may go, but politics are eternal, as bills that could have helped provide better firefighting capabilities for California died in the Legislature due to political bickering. After basically being ignored by fire agencies even while incident commanders were screaming for air support (and despite the fact it did yeoman work in the Northern California wildfires this summer), the Martin Mars has departed Lake Elsinore for Canada. Smoke mixing with fog in Florida led to a traffic pileup that included the county Sheriff's car, while fire crews are conducting controlled burns near Fort Collins, Colorado, as the weather there turns more favorable. Finally, West Australians have received more bad news of a 'torrid bushfire season' ahead from authorities.

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