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Monday, April 05, 2010


In reference to Congressman Adam Schiff's push to get US Forest Service to allow air-tankers to attack wildfires at night, Maurice Luque, Media Services Manager at San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, comments in a radio segment on San Diego's use of high-tech military night-vision equipment that allows their heli-tankers to do just that (1); while US Forest Service is providing info to contractors in Nevada who want to help prevent wildfires (2). Dan Ware, Wildfire NOTD subscriber and Public Relations Coordinator/Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, sent along a pair of articles about his wildfire awareness campaign in that state (3)(4); and a podcast of his discussions on this burning issue (5). Residents of Oklahoma have been made aware of the extreme fire danger as a week of heat mixed with wind begins (6); and an Op-Ed piece from Wausau, Wisconsin, advises residents to heed warnings from fire authorities about the heightened wildfire danger in that state right now (7). A wildfire near Muskegon, Michigan, forced some evacuations over the weekend (8); while a spate of arson wildfires kept Kentucky firefighters busy as well (9). Fire authorities in Connecticut are warning residents of the increased fire danger in that state as spring fire season begins (10); this at a time when a wildfire near Scranton, Pennsylvania, which appeared to be extinguished, reignited over the weekend, burning in excess of 200 acres on Easter Sunday (11). New York State's Montezuma Wildlife Refuge was the scene of a 600 acre wildfire (12); while in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, firefighters are on alert as the National Weather Service issued Red Flag warnings for the area (13). Arson investigators in Virginia are looking into a pair of suspicious fires that broke out late last week (14); even as forecasters warned about prime wildfire conditions where Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina come together (15). Despite rainy conditions that have diminished the wildfire danger in Southwest Florida, fire agencies are advising residents not to become complacent (16). Heading North, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan plans to trim their firefighting budget by over $30 million, including cuts to the aerial firefighting budget (17); while a wildfire in Ontario province scorched over 200 acres this past weekend (18). A wildfire in Sussex County, UK's, Ashdown Forest (known as the home of 'Winnie the Pooh') was brought under control, but not before burning about 150 acres (19). Wildfires in the Philippines have scorched thousands of acres in the Cordillera Mountain Range (20). In a bid to reduce response times to forest fires in India (where there have already been over 3,000 so far this year), authorities there have implemented a program of text messaging for firefighters that links to a University of Maryland satellite reconnaissance program for info on where the fires are burning (21). The Himalayan nation of Nepal is still having problems with wildfires, as evidenced by the next two articles (22)(23). Firefighters and residents alike are breathing a sigh of relief in New South Wales due to a less destructive bushfire season than anticipated (24). And finally, authorities in Southwest China had to warn people against burning incense, money, and fireworks as they observe a somewhat macabre ceremony: Tomb-Sweeping Day!

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