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Saturday, May 30, 2009


In wildfire news today, more details about the wildfire in Cottonwood, in San Diego County, California, are provided by our first article; followed by one about several wildfires that were sparked by lightning in Tahoe National Forest, but rainfall helped firefighters get them under control. As firefighters in Sisters, Oregon, brought a wildfire under control, they commented on the fallout from hundreds of lightning strikes from a passing storm front; and a trio of wildfires, some of them caused by lightning, were burning in various parts of Arizona on Friday. With the NIFC predicting a 'normal significant fire season' in the Colorado Rockies, US Forest Service firefighters went through preparatory training this past week in Steamboat Springs. Lightning strikes also caused another wildfire in Montana's Bitterroot National Park. The Buffalo Creek Fire in British Columbia, Canada, has burned hundreds of acres and forced evacuations of residents. Several wildfires have broken out in Ontario province. An interview with a Canadian wildfire prevention officer reveals some interesting tidbits about manmade wildfires on Canada's East Coast; and fire agencies in St. John's, Newfoundland, warned of dry conditions in the region. Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest is being threatened by a huge commercial fire in the UK. A wildfire along Finland's eastern border was detected by Finnish Defense Force helicopters. Heading Down Under, details of the Royal Bushfire Commission's findings on the Black Saturday bushfires are provided in the next article; but as more fingers are pointed at Victoria's Country Fire Authority, the CFA's leadership is considering hiring their own legal time to defend their actions. Three lucky koala bears were released from Victoria's Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary, fully recovered from their bushfire injuries; and in a sign that things were returning to normal after the bushfires, a five-time British Open winner teed off at the newly-reopened golf course in Marysville, Victoria. New South Wales, Australia, is funding the Rural Fire Service program to help reduce fire hazards for citizens not able to afford to do the work themselves; meanwhile, a Christian concert raised thousands of dollars for bushfire relief. And finally, firefighters in Yakima, Washington, had a stinky fire to deal with when dozens of portable toilets caught fire!

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