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Monday, August 27, 2012


We lead off today with a NASA photo that provides a striking birds-eye view of wildfires burning in the western US, along with a summary of active fires (1). Firefighters made progress on wildfires burning in Northern California (2); bringing Mendocino County's 27,153-acre North Pass Fire to 34% containment (3); but National Weather Service has issued Red Flag warnings for the region due to windy conditions later this week (4). Firefighters in Oregon strove to complete containment lines around several wildfires as windy conditions were forecast for Tuesday (5). A lightning-sparked wildfire on Washington state's Yakama Indian Reservation is now 60% contained (6); and an Op-Ed piece from a retired Gifford Pinchot National Forest Supervisor slams critics of US Forest Service's plans to put out every fire (7). Comments about insurance reform in the wake of Colorado's wildfires this year are provided by the next item (8). Lightning-sparked wildfires continued to burn across Idaho, as the next two articles show (9)(10); where a Hot Shot from Utah was injured by a rolling log while fighting one of those blazes (11); the important role volunteer firefighters provide to rural communities in Idaho being explored by the next article (12). A 50-acre wildfire on Utah's Squaw Peak Mountain was apparently sparked by fireworks (13); the following article taking a look at that state's Watershed Restoration Initiative, which will allow it to replant areas devastated by wildfires more quickly than usual (14). A disaster center will open in Creek County, Oklahoma, to help wildfire survivors (15). Smoke from a 4,000-acre wildfire in Wyoming's Teton Wilderness is making travel for visitors to the area difficult (16); nevertheless, fire restrictions on the Medicine Bow National Forest are being lifted (17). A rash of wildfires burning in Montana led to smoky skies in the western part of the state (18); while a demonstration of wildland firefighting by New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands was conducted in Bethlehem (19); and Fairbanks, Alaska's, skyline was dominated by smoke from a 42,000-acre wildfire burning nearby (20). Canadian firefighters snuffed a small wildfire near Weaver Lake, British Columbia (21); but current conditions have led to a ban on campfires along the Coastal Fire area (22); an article from Prince Edward Island underscoring the problems posed by sky lanterns (23). In the Mediterranean Basin, wildfires were reported in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, and the North African nation of Algeria (24); a French teenager admitting to setting a wildfire in the Rhône Valley (25); and a pair of wildfires in southern Spain forcing evacuations of homeowners (26); the Serbian army being recruited to help battle wildfires in that Balkan nation (27); the next article providing more details on Russian aircraft helping to fight fires there, a mention being made about BE-200 trials done with US-based International Emergency Services earlier this year (28); while a 2,300-decare (568-acre) wildfire burning on Bulgaria's Rila Mountain drew the attention of firefighting aircraft from Krumovo Air Base (29). As with much of southern Europe and the Middle East, Armenia has seen an increase in wildfire activity this year (30); while a one-acre wildfire was reported outside of the resort town of Borjomi, Georgia (31). The reasons behind Indonesia's chronic wildfires are described by the next article (32). In Victoria, Australia, Country Fire Authority has reversed its decision on decertifying a bushfire refuge in Halls Gap (33); but the plight of a Black Saturday bushfire survivor was cited by the Salvation Army as an indication of the inadequacies of Australia's welfare system (34). A bushfire which forced evacuations of a hospital and homes in Cloncurry, Queensland, has been contained (35). With a proposal to cut 120 Rural Fire Service jobs, critics fear that New South Wales could suffer when bushfire season arrives (36); the firefighters union recommending the cuts be delayed until after bushfire season (37). And finally, California's lone wolf showed his clever side: using a wildfire to flush game in Plumas County!

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(38) Lone California wolf's fascination with a wildfire

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