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Monday, August 15, 2011


An Op-Ed piece discusses some of the contradictory rules towards fighting wildfires in California (1); where a Placer County State Senator vowed to fight the governor's plan for a $150 wildfire fee, despite the governor's intent to reword the bill (2); and CAL FIRE reported a 500-acre wildfire burning in Napa County over the weekend (3). Firefighters made progress on two wildfires burning in Washington state (4); but although Reno, Nevada, got through the weekend without major wildfires, a breezy day today could change all that (5). Arizona's governor weighs in with an Op-Ed piece about that state's recent wildfires (6); while a U.S. Forest Service silviculturist from the Apache National Forest recommended additional thinning of trees to reduce devastating wildfires in the region (7). Firefighters in Idaho are working several wildfires, including a 3,000-acre blaze near Bruneau (8); and a 38-acre wildfire, burning in such rugged terrain that firefighters had to be flown in, is now under control (9). A 347-acre wildfire burned through Mount Pleasant, Texas (10). Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Fire Prevention reported a wildfire burning west of Seeley Lake Saturday afternoon (11); and five wildfires were reported in Flathead National Forest (12); several others springing up around the state (13); including a human-caused wildfire near Swan Lake that is now up to 300 acres in size (14); while a 1,000-acre blaze on the Crow Reservation south of Billings is continuing to spread (15); but a six-acre wildfire burning in the Gallatin National Forest quieted down some over the weekend (16). South Dakota, worried about beetle-killed trees on Custer Peak, is attempting to make the Black Hills safer from future wildfires (17); while 450 personnel are manning the fire lines on a 5,100-acre wildfire that has already claimed one firefighter's life (18). Although Indiana doesn't have many forest fires, U.S. Forest Service firefighters from the Hoosier National Forest have been fighting them all over the US (19); no doubt including the wildfire in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge which has spread to 6,100 acres (20). Florida Division of Forestry firefighters snuffed a 60-acre wildfire burning in Jennings State Forest (21); the smoke being reported in Jacksonville (22). Cooler weather helped firefighters battling three Canadian wildfires near Cache Creek, British Columbia, but the threat of thunderstorms could negate the benefit of the cold front (23). On the technology front, a Swiss green technology developer has unveiled a new system which uses a network of micro sensors to detect wildfires (24); while the head of the Indonesian National Council on Climate Change discusses how that Asian nation can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, something which rampant forest fires contribute to (25). Heading to Australia, Victoria's Fire Services Commissioner has designated new bushfire havens in Cardinia Shire (26); but with the worst bushfire conditions seen in the past two decades, 70 Queensland firefighters came together for a training exercise on Saturday (27). The West Australian Premier said he was surprised at the revelations in a recent bushfire study (28); while a think tank is pleading with officials to implement its recommendations (29). And finally, we conclude with a photo spread that shows that wildland firefighting is not just a man's domain!

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