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Monday, October 19, 2009


As our first wildfire story today shows, the Station Fire, which killed two firefighters, burned dozens of homes, and cost over $100 million to suppress, is officially contained following recent rainstorms; but adding insult to injury, DirecTV has charged patrons who lost their homes in the Station Fire for satellite equipment destroyed in the fire! Survivors of San Diego's 2007 wildfires are finding it increasingly difficult to rebuild in the bad economy; even as the San Diego-based Chaparral Institute is at loggerheads with CAL FIRE over vegetation clearance near Palm Springs, California. As cooler temperatures arrive in Central California, CAL FIRE is standing down fire units in the area; but a wildfire burning in northern Arizona has scorched several dozen acres and threatens some vacation homes. US Forest Service in Colorado has targeted beetle-killed trees for removal in order to reduce the fire hazard. Fire crews in Florida had a wind-driven wildfire to deal with that was threatening dozens of homes; and another one that threatened a gas station; at a time when cooler, drier weather is increasing the fire danger in that state. Meanwhile, Down Under, a Country Fire Authority controller is having difficulty recalling the details of what happened in Victoria, Australia, on Black Saturday; while residents of that state are counseling for more assistance in clearing vegetation to prepare for bushfire season. Officials in Victoria concede that the infirm could be in jeopardy in future bushfires; and children in that state are concerned about another summer of bushfires, according to psychologists; even as survivors blame themselves for the deaths of loved ones. Fire authorities in New South Wales are getting a handle on bushfires as hot, dry weather is forecast. Residents of Rockhampton, Queensland, have been warned to prepare to evacuate; but as the weather changes, it is hoped that the fire threat will diminish. Queensland Wildlife Care points out the damage bushfires in that state are doing to the wildlife. A number of communities in South Australia are gearing up for bushfire season by holding meetings to discuss the topic. And finally, New York firefighters have found a new use for fire extinguishers: kitten extractor!

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