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Thursday, May 24, 2012


U.S. Forest Service's Fire Predictive Services forecasters predicted a normal wildfire season for Southern California's Orange County this year (1); while the second of two men accused of starting a 22 mi.² wildfire on northeastern San Diego County's Los Coyotes Indian Reservation has been sentenced to six years in prison (2); and Santa Barbara County Supervisors are having to realign finances to deal with a $1.8 million shortfall in their fire agency which could impact wildfire protection (3); which is not a good situation considering a forecast of windy weather that has prompted firefighters in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties to prepare for wildfires (4); even as firefighters battled a wind-driven 20-acre wildfire in Modesto (5); and landscapers clearing vegetation to reduce the wildfire danger behind an apartment complex in Santa Rosa sparked one instead (6). Firefighters brought containment on a 7,000-acre wildfire that has been burning in Lyon County, Nevada, to 15% (7); fire officials stating that it may have been started by an illegal burn (8); and has cost more than $1 million to suppress so far (9); the next article providing a retrospective on wildfire activity in that state thus far this century (10). Arizona's 16,240-acre Gladiator Fire has earned the dubious distinction of being the largest wildfire currently burning in that state (11); but it's hoped that the forecast of cooler weather may help firefighters gained the upper hand (12); in the meantime, the governor has freed up emergency funds to help Yavapai County pay fire suppression costs (13). Two wildfires in southwestern New Mexico have combined into one massive 70,500-acre blaze (14); wildfire smoke being reported across southwestern New Mexico (15). Firefighters have managed to contain a 2,200-acre wildfire burning near Hurricane, Utah (16). Smoke from the New Mexico wildfires is sullying the air in Oklahoma (17); and across the Texas Panhandle as well (18); while the Austin Fire Department is bringing 1,100 firefighters up to speed on wildland firefighting tactics (19). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ed Kleiman, Wildland Fire Coordinator for GelTech Solutions, commented on an agreement with Montana-based Rocky Mountain Fire Company to provide them with firefighting gel for wildland fire incidents (20). A 2,600-acre wildfire burning in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is believed to have been sparked by lightning (21); windy conditions heightening the danger of more wildfires breaking out across the state (22). The Maine Forest Service reminded homeowners of the wildfire danger over the Memorial Day weekend (23). A 980-acre wildfire is still not contained in Polk County, Florida (24); and lightning sparked new wildfires in Volusia, St. John's, and Flagler counties, too (25). It's been a busy time on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, where five wildfires have been reported since late last week (26); while there was trouble in Paradise as several suspicious wildfires burned outside of Waialua, Hawaii (27). Kamloops Wildfire Centre has been dispatching Canadian firefighters from British Columbia to Québec to deal with nearly 3 dozen wildfires (28); even as a 2,750-hectare wildfire closed on Kirkland Lake, Ontario, where homeowners were advised to pack belongings for three days (29); and the forecast of windy weather ahead is not helping the outlook any (30); but the Ministry of Natural Resources' proposed cuts could cause delays in dealing with wildfires in the future, according to union officials (31). The next article takes another look at the debate raging in Victoria, Australia, over new bushfire siren guidelines (32). And finally, Southern California-based Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance found a good way to raise money for their fire mitigation efforts: throw a concert headlined by rock 'n roll band America!

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