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Friday, October 16, 2009


A forested region in Challis, Idaho, had the least fire activity it's seen in over 30 years, our first wildfire story today. Red River County, Texas, has had abundant rainfall, but volunteer fire departments are still warning residents of the fire danger. Michigan Tech will be receiving stimulus funds to help study the effects of wildfire smoke on respiratory health; and a letter to the editor of a Massachusetts newspaper pleads with government officials not to cut state forest worker numbers. Firefighters from across North Carolina have picked up useful info on wildfires, including air operations, at a forestry firefighting school. Heading Down Under, three Australians from Victoria have been arrested over the theft of $500,000 worth of bushfire relief items; and a volunteer firefighter who lit several bushfires prior to the Black Saturday blazes has been sentenced to jail. Nearly $200 million in additional bushfire relief funds will be tapped to help rebuild infrastructure in parts of Victoria hardest hit by the Black Saturday bushfires; while the commercial forestry arm of that state, which registered several million dollars in timber losses, mainly due to the Black Saturday bushfires, is anticipating a return to profitability in the near future. Fire crews in northern New South Wales continued to battle wind-driven bushfires; and it was reported that a firefighter died after fighting a grass fire in that state. Firefighters from Sydney are being dispatched to northern New South Wales to help reestablish firelines that were breached; even as additional firefighters from that state are heading to Queensland to relieve exhausted firefighters on the firelines there. Residents of Central Queensland are facing possible evacuation as bushfires near their homes; and a heroic (some might say foolish) stand by residents and firefighters to protect a neighborhood on the Gold Coast yesterday staved off disaster. Country Fire Service is warning that residents of South Australia could face the same devastation as Victoria experienced on Black Saturday if they don't take proper precautions around their homes. A slash and burn operation in the Northern Territories has sparked an out-of-control bushfire. A tussle over control of bushfire-fighting in West Australia is the topic of the next item; but one of the casualties of the bushfires near Broome yesterday was the outdoor set for a children's television program. And finally, Kristina Hajjar, Director of Communications for Los Angeles County Fire Department, forwarded a story about firefighters finding a most unusual package on their front doorstep when they returned from a call!

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