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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Homeless people burning insulation off of copper wires to sell at metal recyclers pose a wildfire threat outside of Sacramento, California (1); while a wildland firefighter who began battling blazes in 1935 is interviewed in Washington state in the next item (2). A wildfire that destroyed 60 structures and burned over 1,700 acres outside of Silver City, New Mexico, is now considered 80% contained (3); that blaze carrying an ominous message to residents of Albuquerque where bone dry Bosque could also burn (4). A summary of wildfire activity across Texas is provided by the next item (5); where firefighters in Temple were able to keep a wind-driven wildfire away from homes yesterday (6); but as the wildfire danger remains high, volunteers are working feverishly to clear vegetation in Buffalo Gap to reduce the danger of wildfires (7). An analysis of the 8,225-acre wildfire that burned in Brewster County, Texas, last week shows that a dust devil had a deleterious effect on the spread of the fire (8); and in a state where Texas Forest Service has responded to 59 fires that burned 15,222 acres in the past week, the Plano Fire Department provides some useful tips to residents on reducing the wildfire danger in their city (9). Following the Texas Panhandle wildfires, several organizations are stepping up to provide support for survivors (10); including West Texas A&M, which will be hosting a football game to raise donations for families impacted by the blazes (11). Michigan's Department of Natural Resources is beginning preparations for wildfire season (12); and Pennsylvania's governor will be kicking off Wildfire Prevention Week on Sunday (13). In the aftermath of the Virginia wildfires last month, Prince George's County is revising their communications due to a breakdown that caused extra grief for emergency responders (14). As fire crews depart Florida's Iron Horse Fire, one state trooper whose cruiser was totaled by a tractor-trailer due to smoky conditions on Interstate 95 is lucky to be alive (15); but it's the end of an era as Florida Division of Forestry begins dismantling its wildfire lookout towers (16). GelTech Solutions announced that its FireIce suppressant is now on the US Forest Service's QPL (17). The next article takes a look at South Africa's wildfire activity, where 270 blazes have been battled since December (18); followed by one which explores the limitations firefighters in India encountered using GIS with wildfires (19). Vietnam's Forestry Department Deputy Director discusses some of the unique problems educating people about preventing wildfires including one that is unique to that region: not digging up explosive ordnance to recycle the metals! (20) The personal musings of an Australian doctor who lost his home in the Black Saturday bushfires on coping with disasters is provided by the next item (21); followed by one in which South Australia's Country Fire Service is pondering declaring an early end to the bushfire season due to the abundance of rain (22). And finally, firefighters in Union City, New Jersey, had a tricky extrication operation: removing a potty training seat stuck around the neck of a toddler!

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