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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


An item from San Diego leads off today, involving a brush fire that was small in size (five acres) but big in impact (massive traffic tie-ups on Interstate 15), followed by one about edgy residents in areas burned by wildfires in 2007 awaiting an oncoming rain front. But if San Diegans are only slightly worried about mudslides in burn areas, residents of areas in Southern California scorched by wildfires in October and November are decidedly more worried, as the next article shows. Firefighters are returning to Central California after helping extinguish the Southern California wildfires, but firefighters (and citizens) in Florida are on the lookout for a serial arsonist. Colorado is the venue for the next few articles, leading off with one about a 50-acre wildfire near Fort Collins, followed by one that probably has USFS heaving a sigh of relief in regards to the Hayman Fire, another that puts some money in their coffers after an arsonist was charged for suppression costs in the Alta Fire, and a fourth that covers the dangers of tracer ammo in starting wildfires. A hotelier in San Luis Obispo reflects on the changing fortunes for business brought about by wildfires in the area. One illegal fire cost $53 million in Spokane, highlighting the importance of enforcing burn bans. An article from Australia provides more details on their new wind tunnel for bushfire research, and the Aussies are utilizing an unorthodox weapon in the war against bushfires: advertising! An article from Namibia discusses veldt fires in southern Africa, followed by one which discusses a subject familiar to many wildfire experts: invasive species that provide fuel for wildfires.

I-15 Brush Fire Results In Heavy Traffic

San Diegans Prepare For Rainstorms And Flooding

Voluntary Evacuations Called for Some Wildfire Burn Areas

Local firefighters come home from Southern California wildfires

Arson reward increased

Fire burning 15 miles west of Fort Collins

Ruling: Hayman fire not government's fault

Agreement reached to pay for Alta Fire

Wildfires in Pike National Forest caused by tracer ammunition

Wildfires don’t have same effect on hotels

State: Spokane wildfire illegally started

Carr stokes Bushfire research

$2.2m for bushfire advertising blitz

Wild Fires a Major Threat

Gamba grass officially declared a weed

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