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Monday, August 25, 2008


There was an abundance of wildfire news from around the world today, leading off with three articles about the cost impact of wildfires on forest service budgets and a fourth that shows that the costs are still mounting. Even Virginia and Tennessee are having problems with wildfires, as demonstrated by the next two articles. Another article covers the salvage logging study recently completed, and the Oregon Forest Land Protection Fund was just enacted in hopes of funding wildfire suppression more responsibly. Small fires in Eureka and Hawaii (yes, Hawaii) have been roped in, while the Rattle Fire in Oregon continues to grow. Two items of interest to folks in San Diego recount a new book on the Cedar Fire and the slow progress of the proposed fire tax campaign. The Salt Lake Tribune ran an article discussing the mudslide phenomenon in Utah burn areas, and one from Canada revisits the climate change debate, this time in Alaska. The Martin Mars is being evaluated for prolonged use by US fire agencies in hopes of earning a long-term firefighting contract (best of luck, Wayne!) On the international scene, articles recount fires burning in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, and even Japan. Finally, something that will no doubt be of interest to fire managers - a study just completed with Indianapolis FD about reducing firefighter heart attacks.

Firefighting bills cut into wildfire prevention efforts

Feds cut forest spending to fight fires

Forest Service - Fire costs pinching accounts

Central Oregon firefighting tab hits $10.4 million

Alleghany County wildfire grows

Science says salvage logging isn't so simple

Act would reduce the incidence of wildfires

Miller Fire completely contained

Firefighters still battling flareups at Wailea blaze

Fire in Umpqua National Forest grows past 400 acres

'A Canyon Trilogy: Life Before, During and After the Cedar Fire': New Novel Recounts the 2003 California Wildfires That Destroyed the Wilderness, But Not the Will to Survive

REGION - Fire-tax campaign off to slow start

Fear after fire: Mud, flood

Climate change puts heat on forests

Mars bomber off to U.S. for firefighting tests

Macedonia Wildfires Intensify

Fire devastates 40 ha forests near Kyustendil

Wildfire in Olympia

50 households evacuated as wildfire spreads in Japan

Study involving IFD may help lower risk of heart attacks

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