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Friday, January 18, 2013


With 70,000 communities across the United States at risk from wildfires, National Fire Protection Association's Firewise Communities Program has launched its "1,000 Safer Places: Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program Challenge" (1). In New Mexico, the Little Bear Forest Reform Coalition has nixed the idea of basing a Single-Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) at Ruidoso's Sierra Blanca Regional Airport to improve wildfire preparedness (2); the next article looking back on the active 2012 fire season in Colorado, where 4,167 fires caused losses of over half a billion dollars (3). Texas Forest Service has asked the Legislature for an additional $27.2 million in funding, along with restoration of $35 million in grants to help prepare for wildfires (4); while hundreds of firefighters attended the annual Tennessee-Kentucky Wildland Fire Academy in Bedford County this week (5). Over two years after Israel's Carmel Fire burned 6,000 acres, killing 44 people, the forest is being reborn (6); but on the 10th anniversary of a Canberra, Australia, bushfire which destroyed 516 homes, the next two articles provide a retrospective on the event (7)(8). A quartet of water-dropping helicopters pounded a bushfire in Seaton, Victoria, yesterday (9); while cooler weather has slowed the progress of a 48,000-hectare bushfire bearing down on Licola (10); but at least one death has been attributed to the latest bushfires (11). Queensland Fire and Rescue Service provided tips to residents of that state facing a heightened bushfire danger due to the hot weather (12); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Richard Thornton, Research Director and Deputy CEO of Bushfire CRC, discusses land management in preparation for bushfires in the next item (13). A fast-moving bushfire has been reported on the outskirts of western Sydney, New South Wales (14); the following article discussing other bushfires burning in that state (15); where some firefighters have collapsed from exhaustion as fire crews struggled to cope with dozens of major new fires (16); but the fortunes of bushfires is epitomized by the survival of a small house in Coonabarabran, New South Wales (17); meanwhile, a benefit for bushfire survivors will be held at the Bankstown Trotting and Recreational Club (18); and a volunteer firefighter has been charged with arson for sparking a bushfire in Ilford last September (19). A 2,300-hectare bushfire continued to advance on Jamestown, South Australia (20); while residents of Western Australia's Gascoyne region have been put on high alert as bushfire conditions moved into the "severe" category (21). And finally, a news item from Magadan, Russia, demonstrates another hazard for firefighters who work in snow country: rooftop avalanches!

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