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Friday, June 05, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, the arsonist who started California's deadly Esperanza Fire in 2006 has been sentenced to death. A summary of wildfires in New Mexico is provided by the next item. A foursome of stories from British Columbia: hot, dry weather is having a serious impact on a 25,000 acre wildfire in that Canadian province; operations at the Canadian air-attack base at Campbell River are highlighted in the next article; amid all the dry, hot weather, an arsonist may be setting some of BC's wildfires; but vigilance during fire season is being practiced by firefighters in North Vancouver. As wildfires, both controlled and uncontrolled, continue to burn in Alberta, Canadians with respiratory diseases are suffering the most; and, honoring their mutual aid agreement, that province is sending help to the Yukon to fight fires there, even as Alberta has a few of its own to handle. A summary of veld fires in South Africa this season is provided by the next item. A major forest fire is once again burning along the India-Pakistan border, exposing firefighters to the dangers of exploding land mines. Valuable tips for country dwellers comes to us from Australia; and, as snow approaches, ski areas in Victoria's bushfire-ravaged Gippsland prepare to open ski season. Debate continues in Australia over whether fraudulent claims are being filed with the bushfire relief folks. And finally, Santa Claus beware, as a wildfire threatens North Pole homes!

Death sentence in arson murders of 5 firefighters

Several forest fires reported

B.C. wildfire blackens 25,000 acres

Campbell River helps fight Interior fires

Arson likely in forest fires

North Vancouver fire crews patrol parkland to lower risk of wildfires

Asthma sufferers in Banff, Canmore do slow burn over fires

Alberta helping Yukon battle forest fires

Children linked to two wildfires

Fire destroys forest along LoC, mines exploded in Poonch

Be prepared for next bushfire

Ski season kicks off in bushfire scarred Victoria

Nixon 'not sure' bushfire fund was rorted

Wildfire threatens North Pole homes

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