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Monday, September 28, 2009


An update on wildfires in Southern California is provided in our first article today; a situation that is improving as the area transitions to cooler weather after a period of triple-digit heat. Fire officials now acknowledge that they underestimated the power of the Station Fire and the danger it posed; and as they promise reforms, some details about the response on the first few days of that fire is examined. Forest fire observation towers in the San Bernardino National Forest are highlighted in the next article; and an Op-Ed piece from San Diego asks whether that region is better prepared for wildfires now. The Power Fire continues to expand in Sequoia National Forest; but firefighters expect to have a wildfire that burned several dozen acres in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest contained soon. Residents in Mill Valley are keeping a an eye out for wildfires in their area; while firefighters in Oregon feel fortunate their wildfires occurred before the air-tankers stood down at the end of the summer. Firefighters from Sparks, Nevada, responded to a small wildfire over the weekend; and a wildfire in an industrial area of Salt Lake City caused firefighters some headaches on Sunday. Despite the advent of fall, Idaho is still seeing some fire activity; and a wildfire burning in Montana covered about 200 acres over the weekend. Wildfires in Wyoming's national parks are examined next; even as Yellowstone's historic Lake Hotel is taking steps to prepare if the wildfires head their way. The New York Times weighs in on the issue of keeping your home safe from fires. On the technology front, Korean firefighters may soon get a companion who can wade into fires as hot as 500°C; while a couple of innovations may help residents and firefighters during bushfire season in Australia, as chronicled in the next article. An abundance of rain in South Australia that contributed to heavy vegetation growth concerns Country Fire Service firefighters. Crews worked feverishly in New South Wales over the weekend to put in control lines sufficient to contain the Wooli Fire; but Queensland has extended the burn ban; even as firefighters are declaring victory over a rash of bushfires that had burned in the region. And finally, firefighters in Florida had to rescue a kitten that had gone down the drain!

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L.A. sees major cooling trend

Station fire's strength was miscalculated

Fire officials promise reforms in wake of Times investigation of Station fire response

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SLC grass fire burns 10 acres, injures firefighter

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Lakeside fire up to 200 acres

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Wildfire burns near Yellowstone hotel

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Rains put CFS on red alert

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Cute video: Firefighters rescue kitten from storm drain

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